1. "America The Story of US: Westward" by the History Channel has a good bit on this.

  2. Oh I didn’t even think of that, I show the first 2 episodes earlier in the year. Thanks!

  3. Those are top 3 for me, but #1 is always Non Stop. LOJr’s absolute peak moment in the show for me is “I’ll keep all my plans close to my chest…” for me that’s just his explosion of everything that’s built up in the first act and I can never get tired of hearing his voice in that moment!

  4. Bree in Desperate Housewives when they made her have a fake pregnancy anyways 🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. Hey! What video games do you like? I love indie/RPGs. I also like point and click games. What platform are you on? What type of music do you like to listen to?

  6. I recently just got 100% in the binding of isaac, it took me almost 600 hours over a couple of years lolI also picked up Marvel's midnight suns, I'm not big on marvel but I loved XCOM and they made both games so figured it's worth a try, I'm really enjoying it so far!

  7. I haven’t heard of those games but I’ll have to check them out! I play a wide variety of games. I like story based games, things like Detroit or The Quarry. I also play Fall Guys pretty regularly. My all time favorite games are the Nancy Drew series, I’ve played all 33 games multiple times each.

  8. Her room in Captive Curse has to be one of my favorites. But any of the rooms you can order room service to also make my list…

  9. February 4 here along with Rosa Parks, anyone?? Searched through all comments and didn’t find one.

  10. Ohh wow, another one. We should find the missing 4th Feb one and probably have an entire week of parties then 😂

  11. Michael: If you eat anything at this IHOP you will literally explode. Jason: Yeah, I know. It's IHOP.

  12. I would stay because I had the same problem at the middle of s3…it gets better. Not as good as s1-2, but it gets better. Worth finishing if you’ve watched this far.

  13. I loved how his mom was so warm and non judgemental when Raven told them about her family situation. We need more people in the world like that

  14. Agreed, the previews for that episode made it seem like they were not accepting of Raven but the opposite was true! Pleasantly surprised!

  15. As long as the storyline is them splitting up, or Owen disappearing for life, I’m good

  16. How was that not all 9s? Technique wasn’t perfect but good enough

  17. 8? lol they think that Trevor was better? yeah no.

  18. The scoring is so inconsistent I don’t get it

  19. I also teach 7th grade social studies first Americans-civil war. I find that any time you can give students choice, it works out really well because they have some ownership over their work.

  20. Once again, this season is leaving me pleasantly surprised! I was hooked for this entire episode, which hasn’t happened in awhile.

  21. Making Schmitt the 'Bailey' for these interns was a really good decision. Of course he can never be Bailey but having him toughen up and be the "grown up" is an interesting take for him.

  22. They are FINALLY giving him a good storyline!

  23. It’s Ashermans syndrome. I essentially have to have a surgery to remove the scarring and then they are going to put a catheter in for a few days to make sure it stays open 😩

  24. Did the hysteroscopy hurt? Do you only need one procedure or multiple? I am 99% sure I have Asherman’s and am actually researching before messaging my doctor now. I’m so bummed.

  25. It was a diagnostic hysteroscopy at my doctors office so I had zero meds. It wasn’t painful exactly…just uncomfortable pressure. I’m having another hysteroscopy at the hospital next month to actually remove the scar tissue, I will be put under for that one. Then they either are putting me on hormones or putting in some kind of catheter to make sure it stays “open” and doesn’t scar again, which comes out after a few days. Then I imagine I will need another hysteroscopy or something to make sure everything is good before trying again

  26. I do appreciate that they were at least a realistic size lol most of the time you see these shows with like 6 month old babies posing as newborns

  27. They also had the hosts talking about the correct people right before they were eliminated…for how rough their commentating has been for the rest of the season, this 100% came across as planned to me.

  28. I assumed they heard it on headset at the same time as the person who walked over to tap them did

  29. Yeah I think so but it was odd to me that everything else they do “off the cuff” seems so awkward and they stumble over words (like Tyra when she has someone talking in her ear about the leaderboard), but this was announced with ease. Probably just looking way too hard into it lol I just noticed it and found it interesting

  30. I felt like she was the best of the night before Wayne. I’m not sure compared to past weeks that I would’ve expected her to be the first 40, but I feel like that will only make Charli work harder. I’m just glad we don’t have 3 couples tied for 1st this week

  31. I have used a Federalist vs Anti Federalist throw down activity on Teachers pay teachers that was worth it. It’s several quotes and the students have to decide which side would’ve said it. Pretty engaging.

  32. She’s so beautiful, too. Honestly, my faves from Clayton’s season were Teddi and Gabby. But, I’m now such a Sierra fan!!!

  33. I could be mis-remembering, but didn’t she kind of tell off Clayton in a passive aggressive way when she was eliminated? Cant remember but i dont want to go back and watch any part of Clayton’s season lol

  34. She wasn’t passive aggressive. She straight up told him to not be stupid since she was getting booted before Shanae.

  35. Thats right, thanks! Couldn’t remember exactly what happened

  36. This season just sucks. I felt so bad for Salley. That was so unnecessary to even bring her down just to treat her like that. That was not good drama or fun to watch at all. They need to clean house on production and start over because these storylines are not it. It just gets worse and worse. I was so excited for paradise and I don't know if I can even finish this season out. I'll see how the shakeup goes but goddammit give me some cute love stories with just a side of drama.

  37. They are clearly showing that this franchise has just become so much about drama and clout that it doesn’t work anymore. They need a new spin-off, a new format, something. 4 hours of petty drama per week is not what anyone wants to watch.

  38. I cant keep up with these 2 hour episodes twice a week! I have no time to watch anything else and I end up fast forwarding a lot. Good thing its mainly filler garbage anyways

  39. I was very skeptical about a whole new set of characters, but tbh I like them more than a lot of the main cast now lol

  40. Same! I also liked that we had interaction between old and new characters. In recent seasons they have been kind of separating everyone

  41. No exaggeration, I truly believe this was the best episode in years. I can't wait to see where the interns go from here.

  42. So agreed! They made the interns relatable and interesting. I actually care about them after 43 minutes and that is impressive. They haven’t done that in years!

  43. Mainly reading paired with some sort of activity. I am somewhat limited to my curriculum (TCI), but I take it and make it more student centered. I teach middle school. Honestly I see myself as an ELA/reading teacher with a focus in history. So I focus a lot on reading and writing skills.

  44. Its really bothering me. And just in general (aside from just students talking about it), I continue to be shocked by the lack of interest people have in the victims. We should all know the names of his victims and have shows about them, not the serial killer. Its so creepy to me.

  45. Well, for one there are always more victims than perps. It’s remembering one name vs the names of all their victims.

  46. I understand that it wouldn’t be realistic to memorize all of the names and things, I just find it a bit unsettling that there is such a focus and fascination with the killers.

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