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  • By - Xbox

  1. And how would that make it any better or worse?

  2. The expectation would be drastically different and thus opinions surrounding it wouldn't be so bad.

  3. Why? Let people enjoy things. You don't have to watch it

  4. I don't mind leaks, i mind relatively low quality leaks. I don't enjoy it as much and i also risk the possibility of spoilers if i don't watch it.

  5. Season 7 of got has a rating of 93%. Lol.

  6. Lol just moved to Saudi . I was worried I wouldn’t be able to watch it because of the nudity and gore. Will it be censored?

  7. Forza DLC, Diablo 4, Minecraft Legends, Silk song what are you even talking about

  8. None really interested me. I was expecting fable, avowed and maybe hellblade.

  9. Lol you’re on something it’s not the worst showcase 2017 showcase was the worst one.

  10. I don't really remember 2017 showcase, so you might be right. Nonetheless, this one was really disappointing.

  11. So far, it's the worst xbox show i have ever seen

  12. When are you playing? It’s not even 30 seconds for any of those when I’m on at 3pm est

  13. Don't mind the downvotes. For Halo fans, if you don't live in the West, they don't give a shit.

  14. Yeah i guess f anyone outside the west.

  15. Damn. This is a wallpaper quality photo.

  16. No one would believe that, except flat earthers.

  17. My experince have been the opposite. It's more dead than it ever was. I don't remember struggling to find games in halo 5 less than 6 months after release. Despite halo 5 being 60$ while halo infinite is free to play and it was also released on pc with crossplay enabled.

  18. Competition isn't the only place to complete, mr genius, you can compete in ranked aswell, if you aren't pro, it literally doesn't matter because you will get paired up with console players slightly worse at the game to balance the match

  19. Thanks for ignoring half of my comment

  20. Your whole comment is useless regardles, guy made a counterpoint saying the mnk and controller disparity is near irrelevant for non-pros, so why give a shit, that's the actual point you're ignoring here

  21. If you can survive the 6 months drought, you'll complete the battle pass.

  22. These numbers are weak. Give this game 14 days and we'll be back to being dead.

  23. I don't see it discussed, other than melee hit reg issues and being joined to the wrong server region every once in a while. Those are discussed somewhat often.

  24. Nice job strawmanning me. Just lookup desync buddy. The issue is universal acknowledged by 343 themselves. But i guess Unlost_maniac and his friends never experienced so it's not real.

  25. I can’t believe people really ride for 343i hard enough to act like the shit you said doesn’t exist lol. If you played arena for 5 matches you’d instantly understand.

  26. Lol, I'm as lost as you are. It's just unbelievable lol.

  27. Dead game. Fixing population issues requires competent and diligent work. And judging by 343's track record, both are absent.

  28. What's up with the watermark? Does it show on all your photos?

  29. Nope, i added it in the built-in editor.

  30. You'd notice a loop pretty fast. The switches light up like a christmas tree and nothing is working anymore.

  31. Shouldn't the router stop sending arp requests if it gets the arp reply ?

  32. The entries in the ARP table age out at some point in time. When they age out and the router has a packet for one device it queries its MAC address again to be able to deliver it.

  33. I understand that, the issue is my pc constantly responds to the router's arp request. Yet the the router will literally send an arp request in the next second. No way arp entry age out in a second or two

  34. It depends, do you care about battery ? If yes then you will be disappointed.

  35. That’s not what OP said, they’re just saying that we might see even more at quakecon after the summer reveal. Did you read the post?

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