1. I am being honest, Goosebumps should be an anthology series, not an overarching series with thr same 4 characters.

  2. agreed. Fear Street should have been like that too. I hate what they did with it.

  3. It’s rare for me to feel super in sync in summer. I feel more in sync when it’s autumn or spring

  4. I don’t know. I don’t feel in tune during summer. It’s hard to explain.

  5. My childhood wasn’t perfect but I had some good moments here and there. I think about them every now and then

  6. I don't think you understand an apocalypse will not end your reincarnation cycle only escaping will

  7. Really? Earth the physical plane if it suffered a grand scale death event would somehow end the reincarnation metaphysical soul trap? You can ignore this and not let it resonate with you if it causes you distress inside the simulation if Earth ends there will be a new Earth and chances are it's going to be the upgraded suffering 2.0 firmware. Until you leave it doesn't matter what chunk of made up Rock you're on. Please leave and pull the plug for everyone else!

  8. If you’re not joking you also accidentally manifested a ban LOL

  9. well, covid was supposed to be the apocalypse. it is a shame it did not get that far. an extinction event is very important for the earth. if it needs to get rid us, so be it!

  10. covid was just the beta test to ensure the real depopulation event goes smoothly

  11. You may have a bit of separation from reality. The vaccine (not saying anything good or bad here) was the Kickstart of the veil being lifted for the sleeping masses. It's working, just takes time. People think this great awakening has happened. It's happening

  12. Not at all. The apocalypse began November 2019. It escalated in feb 2020. It calmed down since then.

  13. I don’t even have to try. You don’t have to try when the world literally revolves around you.

  14. Don’t watch porn! The porn industry is filled with abuse against women.

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