1. Ever since people started calling LS, Fuentes, and SNEAKO orbiters the word was ruined.

  2. All the best orbiters are not actually orbiters

  3. Im buying the dip on mrgirl. This is a way overreaction

  4. Hate him or love him it’s pretty fucking scary that yt did that after he deleted all his vids after his 2nd strike

  5. Destiny should milk the drama until the big debate to get more eyes on it to maximize growth

  6. Is this most viewers stream destiny ever gotten and its on yt thats insane

  7. Men should offer then women should offer to split. Shows good character for both side, if one don’t do this then don’t go on a second date

  8. Train is a real one. Him and destiny are like the only few big streamers that are good people.

  9. Train is real by him saying he isn’t a perfect person, and that’s what makes him a good person.

  10. That makes him self aware. I think what makes him a good person is he actually have good morals. Like he dealt with the whole adriana situation insanely considerate or her feelings. And generally just helps a lot of people like mrmuton and dariusirl when they needed, and pretty sure he donated like half a mil for some mental health organization

  11. The justification for the dragons costs are their +3 traits, even if a 4 cost and a 8 cost has same combat power it will still makes sense for what theyre going for like Id take a soroka 3 over a ao shin 3. For 2 *** cost is at the correct power imo, u want the game to be played around 4** for most cases for a healthier game

  12. Bobae is the only tft player ive watched where i feel like it’s not even the same game

  13. lol one bad game from guma and he's overrated. this guy is a big reason why this t1 is so much better now than the one with teddy. ruler isn't even close either.

  14. she's being a 3 in this video tbf.

  15. Im down for everyone getting 1 reroll for augments a game. It would make it a lot less frustrating sometimes

  16. t1 win worlds, faker moves to coach, picks up chovy new mid

  17. guma is better, but i hope damwon picks up teddy.

  18. Chovy is the best midlaner by a mile. Idk why some people don't give him the credit he deserves. imagine if chovy was in T1, they'd win everything.

  19. What else aside from stripe, starlink, spacex, plaid would be bullish ?

  20. good shit. destiny should do manifestos exposing content creators who engages in misinformation

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