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  1. Just got off and first time cruiser. Myself and my girlfriend are a similar situation. I like to drink, and she does too just not as much as me. But they have everything you want and then some. You wanna get up in the morning with unlimited $6 coffees? Bam, there yours. Few gatorades in the morning? Have 5. And UNLIMITED bottles of water that you do not have to pay $3 for. Not sure what ship you’re on but they also have unreal milk shakes (that you can get spiked 😉).

  2. Can i order 2 milkshakes at a time or do i have to wait 5 min between

  3. Just 1 at a time, but being nice and a tip here and there goes a long way!

  4. For clearance purposes around the foam maybe make some room by removing the specialty tools (hacksaw + multi tool) and maybe grab some of the smaller packout cases and give them each there own, so you can store blades and such in each case as well! Looks clean tho OP

  5. I drive this route everyday from Hamilton to Burlington. The amount of times I’ve seen people doing this, both niagara bound and Toronto bound is ridiculous.

  6. The scratch golfers Iv played with are some of the most fun to play with, this dudes a wanna be, a scrub, a poser, A WEENIE!

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