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  1. I’m going to need this, too. I take it as a good sign that I found a very thorough surgeon.. going to be my first one tho so I’m definitely a little nervous for the prep 🫣

  2. I was in so much pain for five months. The first time I went to the hospital for this was back in September and they did an ultrasound and told me to make an appointment with my OB/GYN. Those blacks sacks you see in the picture are my tubes full of blood and pus. I was in a wheelchair since October. I am so happy to have my tubes out. I never thought I would say that.

  3. A recent ultrasound suggested my rectum was adhered to the uterus, so my surgeon ordered an MRI (yet to have it). She reckoned that as long as it wasn’t DIE it would be fairly straightforward to seperate/remove, but that the MRI should give them a better idea. Have you had an MRI?

  4. Mine is suspected DIE, but I really appreciate the link. That does help ease my mind for sure! Especially the person who had experience with a bag and said it’s not that bad. It’s comforting to hear everyone’s experiences.

  5. I had a "resection" (the term one of the specialists used) of the part of the colon that sat behind my uterus, which didn't require a colostomy. Before the surgery my surgeon had decided to do a shaving, meaning they never intended to cut through the bowel wall completely (though the risk was there, of course). The recovery is quicker and there are fewer issues than a resection where the entire wall is removed in parts. In my case, a few ultrasounds and an MRI both showed that the lesion was deeply infiltrating but still only in the muscle layer so that it could be shaved off. I didn't have any special recovery pain beyond having been cut open, I also didn't have dietary restrictions or anything.

  6. It is thought to be DIE, but that is interesting about the shaving. I will bring that up to the CR surgeon. Thanks for your insight!

  7. Deep breaths, lovely; it's going to be okay! It sounds like you're in good hands! I hope you'll accept an internet hug regardless, because it's still understandably stressful.

  8. Always accepting hugs! Thanks for that info, I will ask about the ileostomy vs colostomy. I feel like I’m in a similar situation with the MRI showing similar findings, but the chance that it’s still there or they’ll need to take more out to ensure they get it all is frightening. Thanks for your help!

  9. I feel for you, in the same position. I was just diagnosed stage 4 endo and adeno on Friday through lap and was overloaded with my diagnosis/condition. Also including Uterine fibroids, completely destroyed fallopian tube, both ovaries and tubes w endo, and plaque of endo on bowels needing resectioning….I’m in shock.

  10. I’m so sorry that is the case. I’m so thankful to have this community that can empathize. I hope you find comfort in that, too. Hugs to you ❤️

  11. Can you go into more detail about what the therapy was like? My NP didn’t really describe it besides saying it would be either external or internal (??)

  12. Candy Mountain, candy cave unicorn thing where they steal his kidney lol also Peter at the Perk.. peace and buhlessings

  13. Their high waisted Vera wang yoga pants are where it’s at. Those are so comforting to throw on when things get tough

  14. I've been there! There's no way it isn't the same one. There's also a cars shooting range on the upper floor and a ferris wheel.

  15. Hey everyone! I am the one who drew this! Thank you so much for your kind words. I drew this as a christmas gift for my sister last year and then didn't finish it until this year, which is why some people are missing.

  16. I don’t just have a “low tolerance for pain”… quite the opposite, actually

  17. I liked it. It was refreshing to just showcase talent and a little backstory rather than focusing on shananagans and drama.

  18. Totally agree! It was cool to have a show focused on talent, and technique. They don’t have a show primarily about decorating, so I liked that

  19. IMO this season took a hard turn for the worst. The OG kids baking was more fun to watch because they were kids who were having fun, who (mostly) hobby bake. Now it’s watching kids who are already acting and talking like adults. It’s just not as light hearted. The OG kids was the closest thing the US had to the Great British Baking Show, where people are in it for fun because they enjoy the wonderful hobby of baking, not (child) professionals. Now nearly all food network shows are 30min-1hr of watching professionals (even mini ones) compete. The network is going down the tubes, sadly, because it is becoming unrelatable.

  20. This is a 100 MILLION dollar ad campaign. Do you know how many hungry and homeless people you can help with 100 MILLION dollars?!? How about putting your money where your mouth is and helping those new moms who are refused abortions?? Idk if everyone else has read a different bible but I’m pretty sure the main message is loving kindness, not recruitment to further fund religious greed. This is some ass backwards bullshit.

  21. My devices are listening to my conversations and targeting ads based on what is said.

  22. She slipped up in starting the sentence “but if I stay” with a lowercase letter. For sure BDingityDong hehaw hehaw the Fraudster Christmas Donkey

  23. God’s model of traditional marriage has always been one female potato and one male potato. In the garden of Eden it was Russet and Red, not Russet and Fred

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