1. Lol I was but some random saying he has elite level arm talent was just too funny

  2. They removed the dome and simplified the suits because of all the special effects in the movie and the fact that they needed people to run and jump in the suits and not just stalk around. The domes either kept cracking or they were afraid they were going to crack, it was in the special features of the DVD in the quadrilogy that came out waaaaay back.

  3. Xenos but if they were discovered it would not be long until we are all dead. Lol you know the Amazon or some company would bring them to earth.

  4. There were no fucking interesting characters in resurrection

  5. Ron Pearlman always rocks though! The wheelchair guy was alright. But other then that besides Ripley of course yeah

  6. I just hate that movie so much lol. I really shouldn't even speak on it, because it is impossible for me to see anything good about it. I just remember crushing disappointment after seeing it in the movie theater lol.

  7. Well, if you still plan to see it... it's a hella lot better than Covenant and Prometheus.

  8. And a bomb ass cast. Not a perfect film but I contend to this day the ripley’s baby alien is by far the most horrific in the entire series.

  9. Covenant was better than resurrection, resurrection was absolute shit. Like Indiana Jones crystal skull shit

  10. I used to hate 3 until resurrection came out lol, 3 is not that bad.

  11. At least you can find enjoyment from the ridiculousness of Resurrection, just like the Halloween one

  12. No that's part of the main franchise it is awful. Now AVP requiem however, that is a treasure lol.

  13. I truly hate this woman, she is banging her bike down way to close to the dog.

  14. Lol I have that on a shelf above my PC desk, it's the McFarlane line of figures.

  15. Lol Alien resurrection is worse than Indiana Jones and the crystal skull. I would rather see a follow-up to AVP requiem than resurrection. I just pretend it isn't canon lol, it's such a piece of shit.

  16. Dark horse made a comic sequel to aliens before alien 3 came out

  17. Lol I prefer it to alien 3, then they rereleased it after alien 3 came out and changed all their names to wilks and billy and I think Ripley was an Android or something. It has been awhile since I read it.

  18. Lol I am going to be rooting for the alien in this one

  19. Alien is a better movie, Aliens is more fun to watch

  20. Alot of men are not socialized properly at a young age then blame women for it and turn redpill, or just have no idea how to participate in an actual relationship.

  21. Well yea I know but the dude kept saying go for the hair, that's like a finishing move in a girl fight

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