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-NSFW- The Taliban spot US Special Forces and move into position to ambush them. Unknown to them, Two AH-64D Apache Gunships spot them first and get permission to engage their platoon sized group. The results are devastating, taking the force completely by surprise. (Afghanistan, Full Version)

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  1. I haven’t played ranked the past two seasons but with split elo I’d be put in ranked lobbies I shouldn’t be in and probably be subject to some Reddit post about how is this guy in gold/silver lobbies, ranked doesn’t equate to skill

  2. I’m enjoying Andor more as the season goes but I felt like the first few episodes were a bit of a chore because of expectations, I guess.

  3. fuck jedi, fuck baby yoda, and fuck self insert characters like Asokha.

  4. Sure but why bother having it be Star Wars at all?

  5. because Star Wars is more then swooshing lightsabers and the same good vs evil storyline we've seen for the 10,000th time

  6. "threesomes" plural? cmon man. start with a smaller fib than that.

  7. this is gonna blow your mind but when you are young and horny and drunk in college, threesomes are actually not that rare

  8. And to be fair, I’m a filthy casual whose never pulled a purple. So what do I know

  9. please ban all non skilled controller players, im so sick of dying to their "legal" aim bot

  10. 100% worth. learning to bully other teams off a drop is one of the best feelings in Apex and gives you the entire POI to yourself + free KP

  11. Ben Shapiro isn't even maga, he doesn't s very critical of trump. Imagine what Ethan would say if Ben Shapiro said if there was another Holocaust Ethan Klein should die first

  12. Its honestly bizarre to me that people punish themselves with soloq if they arnt enjoying it. You guys realize that Apex is 10000x more fun with friends right?

  13. The questline was finished on RS3 and it's regarded as the worst quest in RuneScape history. So much so that

  14. Seriously. I’m not anti-police, but I am anti- this bullshit.

  15. you could have 0 ping and u would still die through doors, Apex gives high ping a slight advantage

  16. https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/servers-netcode-developer-deep-dive

  17. theres nothing wrong with searching for a sens you like. It took me almost a year to find an ALC setting that i loved and my Apex game got so much better when i wasnt fighting my sensitivity

  18. friendly reminder that DGG supports Elon. Make sure you are promoting twitter to all your friends and family

  19. Tbf as the guy without the bowfa in my team which is basically just two of us still pvming I can kinda relate. Every toa run even with hasta blowpipe/rcb and trident of the swamp I pull the leach and it just feels kinda shitty. Never really wanted to rush bowfa and I'm still skilling but the damage gap in pvm is brutal

  20. yeah but the second you get a fang you can compete with the bowfa so you should be happy your group is doing solid dps

  21. Makes me feel lucky we have 4/5 active players, and one of the players wife logs in on the 5th just to fish sometimes.

  22. GIM is the most fun ive ever had on Runescape. Sending ToAs with the boys and hoping for purple drops to help our group has been so much fun

  23. xa3D says:

    some of these casters were talking about the value lifeline brings to gun run 'cuz of her drone ress...

  24. friendly reminder to report all the idiots in this thread trying to start a n-word chain by posting 1 letter at a time

  25. No, it wasn't in line with the comics at all. Even in the comics, the wall breaking was more in the house of cards way of doing things. Jen NEVER fucking went to the writers room to change shit. That was deadpool level of wall breaking.

  26. Season 1 was unironically good tv, the rest... uhhh...it was something

  27. Hard to muster sympathy for the people who aided and abetted the 9/11 Al-Qaeda terrorists. Women and children, sure, but not the men.

  28. just wait till you find out what Saudi Arabia did and how the US treats them

  29. I wouldn't feel much sympathy if we bombed the Saudi either, honestly.

  30. Why relax? Why did you post this if not for those responses? What discussion were you looking to start?

  31. I know that the Reddit bandwagon thing to do is to immediately call for divorce, that the husband is a horrible person who will never change,that he's gaslighting her etc. But reddit also likes to make relationships and life black or white, which they're not. We do get a lot of extreme examples here which probably leads to some desensitization too and lack of trust.

  32. people like you are the reason why people come up with "i have a dead cousin so thats why i had an emotional affair" gambit

  33. hyper focusing on KDA is weird but lets not pretend that KDA and average damage doesnt tell you a ton about the player. If somebody has a 2+ KDA I trust them much more to hold their own in a fight over somebody who is struggling to maintain 1 regardless of ranking

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