1. hopefully some are left for tomorrow or the put it on the on the online merch store

  2. they were the first source at the time of posting then more local outlets were reporting on it like and hr or 2 later.

  3. Official word is that an external elevator malfunctioned (I assume that means it fell to the ground) while they were doing maintenance on it.

  4. Probably the elevator dropped fast and when the cable tighten up they vibrated like a guitar string or tuning fork which made the building shake

  5. The one I regret not getting was the R2D2 for The Rise of Skywalker. Movie was meh, but that thing was cool

  6. Yeah , my daughter was showing me that one when doing an ebay seach didn't know that was an AMC bucket , Disney Tokyo has a similar one but it only holds popcorn, the amc one its both a popcorn and a soda holder.

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