1. Bro can't even hit the ball half the time so you have to hang back for the save,, but you're supposed to be in position to catch his horrible pass in the corner

  2. Or when you're wide open dribbling down mid about to flick and he comes crashing over your head and knocks the ball into the corner

  3. I’ve noticed that a few times actually… not exactly sure if it’s drift or something else because other games don’t tend to do it, but maybe I haven’t noticed. I’ll take a further look at it

  4. Mine does the same thing in rocket league, I can only tell because the cross hair on my monitor lol.

  5. See, and that’s the thing, if I just tap the stick, my camera straightens out again. I’ll experiment though, I’m not sure if there’s any programs to test stick drift on Xbox so

  6. Haha maybe some of these shots I'm whiffing by just a hair is because of it 🤷‍♂️ most likely not, but wishful thinking lol

  7. Nice discount, better than my indigent one. Wonder if it's old stuff, or stuff no one wants anyway.

  8. Probably selling this stuff out so they can bring in new but this place offers an extra 10% discount if you place an order before 11am everyday.

  9. 35% off!?!? Dayton dispos need to see this!

  10. Tbh it seems like they are just clearing old product

  11. Just has a cart of theirs last me 2 weeks on work breaks/lunch..

  12. I’ve probably tried 7 or 8 strains from OCL. This is the only one I would buy again. Rest of their stuff is super crunchy and dry, no smell, no taste, hardly any effects.

  13. I've bought a half and two 5.66s and they've all came with humidity packs. Some of the nicer looking buds I've seen in the program, does smoke as kind of mid though.

  14. Honestly can’t tell if these comments are satire, look at the first spray and how it jerks

  15. Scripts aren't aimbot, you just can't track. Nobody's ak spray looks like that

  16. If you can't play 12 hours a day just make a bunch of 2x2s qnd spread your loot around. Bury your GP and stuff at night. It is the only way for us to survive my friend

  17. Daytime sativa, nighttime indica 🙂

  18. I get irritated really quickly, indicas calm me down and make the little things not bother me & keep me from losing my job 🤣

  19. That’s the #1 reason why ADD/ADHD is frequently misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. Someone goes to a psychiatrist for assistance with their short temper/anger issues and that’s the first thing they go to.

  20. Yeah man, once one thing gets at me it just starts snowballing until it's an avalanche. I also get bored once I'm not being challenged anymore (school, work, etc) and go do something else which really sucks for trying to build something to last.

  21. Yooo ever see the goober battalions walking around the green zone with m16a2s

  22. Just got a half oz of watermelon cake by OCL.

  23. I felt inspired and built a giant one

  24. Just means the flower will get shittier. Has happened to BR , the standard, klutch, pow after they started doing concentrates,

  25. I plan on it but that's where I was having the issue(dyslexic) of what label or brand am I looking for when I'm looking at the flower.

  26. Filters > Brand > voila

  27. I usually pay 61$ for a 5.66

  28. Just curious what brand / strain are you buying

  29. Firerock/klutch/firelands.. all the good ones, shop those discounts + veteran discount = 30-35% off everyday for me essentially

  30. Not to mention a lot of kids probably watch Fortnite streams, and some kids are still "learning" at home and not back in school yet 🤷‍♂️

  31. Viewers are viewers whether they 12 or 30 lol

  32. Darksouls stories were weird

  33. Idk tbh, had to play the whole game through YouTube walkthroughs cause" get fucked "

  34. I got the bio jesus half oz for $80 on Monday.

  35. Me with my +5 longsword at level 42 💀

  36. Yea Idk wtf I am doing, just watching tons of videos trying to figure out what is even happening

  37. Wait till you find out you can swap to your left hand weapon by pressing the two hand key.

  38. Theres only so many ways to skin a cat my friend

  39. haha a veteran is like a vegan. How do you know they are a vegan? They will tell you!

  40. Hi I'm a veteran, no I'm not volunteering for Ukraine cos I already fought my wars. Good luck doe

  41. Someone's paying for them....More than likely, the US taxpayer. The military machine is the US's largest recipient of public welfare...The only department that gets annual increases, no questions asked. In fact, they usually get more than they ask for....and little of that budget (comparatively) actually gets to its soldiers, mostly to Military Contractors. Boeing, Raytheon, Blackwater, Haliburton..etc...add in your favorite Welfare Queen... oops, I mean Military Contractor here....

  42. If that money wasn't spent we'd probably be fighting Russians in America so 🤷‍♂️

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