1. This is the only comment not trying to be funny and simply acknowledging how silly it is

  2. No particular stories. I work in technology so I supported him pretty closely and it was a fairly small office, but it’s not like we were friends. he was a good guy though. I once tagged along with some of the PMs and traders with my girlfriend to a club after our office holiday party, he insisted on paying for everything and ordered 500 gbp bottles of wine and champagne like you or I would buy someone a beer. Another time he spent some time explaining some options stuff to me, which doesn’t sound like much, but some of our PMs were truly awful people who’d barely acknowledge the existence of anyone in a support capacity.

  3. Alright, I'll bite. Who's the top left?

  4. She ran a crypto hedge fund with her polyamorous boyfriend SBF who owns FTX (a crypto exchange) and her incompetence in finance and SBF stealing customer money because FTX was being “audited” by “the first ever crypto audit firm” (neither based in us for legal reasons) that failed to see a problem with FTX using their own crypto currency to falsely value their funds that resulted in the misplacement of around $7 billion dollars of user money that likely won’t be returned in full

  5. Appreciate the TW🙏 without it I would have killed my self after reading your comment


  7. Log #8: As Lord of the Bungalow and all its kingdoms, I, in all my grace, have graciously offered the Spider a chance at peace. I have proposed simple terms for the spider. It shall lay no babies, it will hold no lands, it will defend the bungalow from the mosquitos. I have deemed it so.

  8. I just used chatGPT to write a cover letter. It wasn’t terrible.

  9. I totally agree I need to try harder. We also need better plagiarism tool to detect this kind of behaviour.

  10. Someone from Princeton already made it. I think it’ll be possible to eventually use it on all previous assignments to find out who used chatgpt ever and then start taking degrees

  11. Oh thank all the gods they did. Now all of us just need to wait for it to trickle down to us via “something, something, something dividens, something taxes”…… Right?

  12. If she isn't giving up names, or being honest, why bother ?

  13. It’s possible she says something contradictory or hint

  14. As much as u guys wanna hate on the phrase usa is the closest thing to a main character for a lot of reasons if we’re being honest.

  15. No don’t worry the guy who’s almost recent post in a college subreddit about best class options actually works at Jane Street and has for the past 10 years. They know quant.

  16. I googled what an investment banker was and saw

  17. Gpa might be too low to mention. Gid rid of the start dates for college, should just be class of 2025. Definitely delete the state grant comment, Lol. Delete community college. What possibly gave you the idea that having the words "considered" next to EVERY single certification?? Youre going to need to buff this resume up with some internship, leadership experience, something to really steer away from your manual labor gigs

  18. I put the considered part to get this subs opinion on what certifications I should get and I’m not sure I have time to get leadership and internship experience soon enough since I need to be applying for summer internships

  19. I don’t have any leadership experience, but I could make a personal project, which I’m guessing I’d put under additional experience? And I put the considering part as a placeholder to get this subs opinion on what certifications I should get

  20. Mfs acting like Debits and Credits are some sort of obscure accounting lore...

  21. I remember someone said on here not to include poker as an interest unless you’re prepared to answer probability questions about poker

  22. Wholesalers disseminate topical market and economic data to Financial Advisors and Portfolios Managers to pitch their firm’s products. Depending on the firm they also entertain FAs by taking them to lunches and dinners. Some do seminars for FAs’ clients. It can be very lucrative if sent to a HCOL or VHCOL region. Many Wholesalers get burnt out by the constant night life and entertainment.

  23. What are they wholesalers of or what’s another term for them? I’d like to learn more about this

  24. Why are there 2 CEPAs listed and why does the first one say divorce

  25. Dude's got some texture sensation thing going on. Rub the pants, rub tthe bag, back to the pants a few times. Off the cuff, there might be a developmental issue here.

  26. I thought he was trying to find an excuse to wipe something on the bag but that makes more sense

  27. Thank you for this extremely helpful comment. Do you think I should wait until after New Years to say something to be respectful or does it not really matter?

  28. there will also next year be an option to have an apartment style dorm that they are currently building. there is a studio option for one person, and a four bedroom option with two baths. you get one meal from carson a day and all the other benefits that come with living on campus. Plus it is made specifically for returning students so no freshmen will be in those dorms.

  29. Your options are dorms, an apartment, or a house. Dorms are mostly freshmen, especially because they're the most expensive option. You'd not be out of place though; you're still doing mostly lower div stuff.

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