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  1. If you have an iPhone, you can get the episodes on the podcast app. How far back you trying to go?

  2. Way back.. I listened to all the podcast episodes


  4. Brilliant idiots, and flagrant 2. Big Andrew Schulz fan here!! Watch his special to get a feel of his humor. It’s not for all

  5. San Francisco Pharm Tech.. $52.42/hr.

  6. Lol. Bout to go to church after hearing this. Also.. what episode is this??? I miss Wax!

  7. Gas is $7 here in San Francisco

  8. It was Taehyung for a lonnng time, but then Namjoon 😍😍. His verse and chorus on “All Night” ft juice wrld. So hawwwttt

  9. Didn’t Jordan punch Kerr in the face during practice as well?

  10. Is this Chris with the limes? Also what episode is that when Chris was on? I haven’t heard Chris in a while

  11. I’m open to anything as long as it’s entertaining. I’m not too familiar with mrballen, but I do like stories and true crime

  12. I wasnt feeling how Andrew just started laughing so extra and uncontrollably. Health ain’t no joke.

  13. I was actually surprised how he didn’t make more jokes. 😅

  14. This made me laugh so hard. I’m a mom of 3 kids. Nobody would have ever thought I listen to flagrant.

  15. Couldn’t give a fuck less bout this guy. Hope you all enjoy the ep though.

  16. Holy fuck! What gave it away? Seeing his name in the title?? It cannot possibly be...

  17. Calm down. You’re taking it too serious.

  18. What is going on in this picture?

  19. What was the most recent patreon? I only see the Lemonade one from Aug

  20. Great fucking episode. The one that do t get it are ignorant children anyways. The part where he gets emotional about his moms struggle was a cool moment. He and Aakash getting to connect over having Immigrant parents and all that was great too. Jo Koy is a fucking legend who used 90’s hip hop guerrilla tactics to book shows and build a base is basically what Drew has done over the last few years but Jo did it without the benefit of the internet. Better fucking recognize all you “fans of comedy” that don’t get it don’t really get comedy.

  21. Yes I wanted to chime in and say that they handled it well, the emotional part. Many of us can get weirded out and uncomfortable even when a friend cries, and the boys made it very comfortable for Jokoy to open up to them. I'm a filipina myself and I almost teared up hearing his story. It was a nice changeup from the flagrancy.

  22. This was a great episode. Learned new things about Jokoy. Also I like how the guys were able to handle a sad moment with finesse.

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