Made a Christmas tree hat, with working lights. Pattern in comments.

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  1. I’ve wanted to make this since I saw

  2. You did an awesome job. Thanks for tagging me so I would get to see it.

  3. A friend made this mistake on her first stuffed one recently.

  4. Yeah I think I’m doing my decrease stitches wrong 🙈 thank you for the help!!

  5. Wow this looks awesome! I love your hat & your crocheting skills are next level!

  6. That's very kind of you to say. I get a lot of joy from it.

  7. Haha! Help me Dr Tie Dye, this plain white tshirt is making me feel sad… what is your diagnosis?

  8. You're suffering a severe color deficiency, I recommend 50cc of fuchsia with 25cc lime pop right away!

  9. The Mom of one of my students calls me Hippie Adam Savage!

  10. You look like the cool uncle of the family

  11. That's what the niblings say, but the siblings say "embarrassing". LOL!

  12. I don't skate, but if I did, that's the board I'd want. Good work.

  13. That's pretty incredible! Any instances of them eating their own eggs? I didn't visibly see it but this has to be what happened. They were in there, then she worked her way into the collapsed structure. The next morning they were gone and she abandoned the leftover structure a day or 2 later.. I'm relieved to see her make/lay another. I was so proud of her first batch I actually shed a tear thinking of the fat oaf beetle just demolishing everything. And thinking she was going to die soon with no babies to serve her life's final purpose lol. So cheesy but I really felt I let her down. I've grown to really like ole bob. She's been kicking butt ever since. Eating geckos and moths and pretty much anything that moves

  14. I'll blow your mind. Box turtles can mate once, then lay fertile eggs a once or twice a year for up to 4 years!

  15. Hold up a minute here…I am mind blown 🤯 so this storing sperm thing is common then??? Do lots of animals have this ability? Cause I’m the last three minutes I’ve learned box turtles and spiders can do something I had no idea was even existed, now I’m wondering how many other can do it too

  16. I never knew spiders could till I read this post.

  17. A teacher on my campus put "Vocation " on her list.

  18. I have an autistic 4th grade student that is obsessed with tattoos. Kept writing all over his own face and arms when his academic teachers weren't looking (last year). And he would freak out when they yelled at him.

  19. Sorry fam , this is awful . We gotta do better then “white trash gang “. Do better yall

  20. I agree, for a lot of the ink I see out there. But I think this is a little kid with a dry erase marker. Dad is just posting the kid's funny attempt.

  21. Let me tell you about a friend of mine, his name's

  22. Omgoodness, I had to stop scrolling and compliment you! Those feet! Those eyes!

  23. That's kind, the feet are usually blue or purple from washing out the dyes in a tub "grape smashing" style.😁

  24. !! I just swiped for the panda!! I have been crocheting for years and years - these are on a whole other level! Post more!!

  25. That's touching. I do like to make blankets and wearables, but toys are my favorite. I make tons of toys. One of the ladies at work tells me that I'm slowly becoming Santa. LOL

  26. I'm pretty sure home owners insurance only covers things that occur on your property

  27. Nope, many of the policies also cover incidents caused by the residents.

  28. There have even been cases where victims of school shooters sue the shooters parents, and the homeowners insurance had to cover the suit.

  29. So good to know! Thanks for the info that’s all really helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  30. Pick my brain all you want. Sharing how we do this stuff is how we spread the joy, I love doing it. Drop me a message if you guys post some of your results, I would love to see how they turn out.

  31. I usually just put dye on one side for ice dye.

  32. Get them to teach me to play Dungeons and Dragons.

  33. Lol. On the other hand I’m jealous you can buy that thing where you live, it still hasn’t come to North America!

  34. There are plenty of them made by other companies available on Amazon

  35. I had knee surgery and they marked the correct knee with a big X using a sharpie. Right before they brought me into the room to get me all doped up, they had me write my initials next to the X to confirm it was correct.

  36. They didn't do that with my testicles.....wish they would have.

  37. You have my sincere admiration. Special needs teachers are the best.

  38. Kind of you to say. My kids are great, it's hard to say by when they move up to junior high.

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