In context, Dlauer's tweets confirm, to our chagrin, the split dividend will not force an immidiate hunt for shares by shorts. Too many people are sharing the first tweet out of context to prove something he negates two tweets later. WHEN shorts must close appears the same as a traditional split.

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Fidelity CTB up to 38%

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

[Difference between dark pools and off exchange] It‘s one of these screenshots again, credit goes to u/kidcrumb

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  1. The quoted text says gamers spend $100B on in game items each year. Elsewhere the total gaming market size is estimated to be about $200B in 2021-2022.


  3. But I think what they are saying here is that the obligations to cover those would be negated. I think kind of like a zombie stock? Once it gets delisted it ends their FTD cycle and they don't have to close the positions?

  4. I could be misinterpreting, but it sounds like the "aged fails" remain as a liability on their books while the obligation to deliver the share is forgiven. Just a way to avoid FTDs on a CUSIP that no longer exists.

  5. So they are all still playing but in the red because of these permanent liabilities?

  6. That's my understanding, but you should definitely consider additional sources/opinions before spreading this as fact.

  7. Is towel stock in this ETF? I know they got halted today, and they're in the same basket as GME

  8. On a side note: Did I use the " ' " in apes' correctly? I am never sure if I get it right, as I am no native speaker.

  9. If true, we just need the communications sent from CS to the DTCC. Then we can nail down exactly where the message changed.

  10. Did available ETFs more than double today, already? APs must be skipping lunch to maintain that creation rate.

  11. Pretty sure that's just * insert over populated city here *

  12. If a 2:1 means your go from 100 to 300 shares, that's 3x of your current share quantity. Does that mean that we should expect 5x our current share quantity?

  13. 15 orders within a minute with 6 decimal places, this is insanity

  14. And all for 34 shares...almost like round lots being broken into smaller orders.

  15. We provide novel evidence that arbitrageurs use exchange-traded funds

  16. Really interested in that paper, but your link throws a 404. Maybe it's just me?

  17. Kind of late to the discussion, but I looked into single-stock ETFs after reading your post and stumbled across this

  18. Haven't heard this argument before--any chance you could specify where in the by-laws Gamestop addresses dividend distribution to stock loaners? Not doubting you, I just don't recall seeing that information.

  19. No problem. It's found in Article III, section 3A, subsection f. of GameStop's Amended and Restated By-Laws:

  20. This claim is entirely based on a single quote from a Reuters article, which the tweeter misattributes to a Citadel employee (even calling it a "direct quote"). The author of the article mistakenly called Citadel Connect a dark pool.

  21. I didn't appreciate the upward trend until I saw this time plot--maybe there's more to this than the previous spikes. Can't wait to see if the next FTD cycle maintains this growth.

  22. So no marketplace until mid July per the SOTA FAQ? Bummer.

  23. Yep. Check across a lot of other stocks at the exact same minute. It has been happening for 4 weeks.

  24. Happens a lot to Amazon, in particular-- almost every day in after hours.

  25. market go down -> SHF collateral go away -> they dont have enough to keep suppressing the stonk

  26. If a hedge fund is net short (SHF), they benefit from a bear market...

  27. Market cap is the dependent variable here because share price should be unaffected by a change in internal shares (no change in float). So multiply $134/share by 84.13M outstanding shares for a new market cap of $11.27B.

  28. Yes, I used the same equation. My point was that you fixed the market cap value to calculate share price, whereas I think the share price should be unaffected because market supply (free float) doesn't change. One would therefore expect a larger market cap with an increase in internally held shares.

  29. It seems weird to me that fidelity is still slowly rising while ibkr is dropping.

  30. Logically, this would only be possible if these lenders have a captured market such that they're not competing with other lenders. So maybe this implies that the borrowers are obligated to use particular lenders?

  31. PAUSE. Does this mean the daily Off Exchange numbers are the amount of phantom shares and IOUs that were created in a day?

  32. Not necessarily. A detail people seem to be missing is that internalized orders can be legitimate. A broker may have purchased a stash of stocks at a discount which they then use to settle retail buy orders.

  33. True, it was probably just a perfectly split buy/sell ratio 7.18k volume on the 1s chart.

  34. Not to be overly pedantic...but shares sold always equals shares purchased (unless you're referring to number of orders). The buy/sell ratio is always 1:1. So 7.18k transactions occurred.

  35. Right, doesn’t the price move only when there aren’t enough market orders to match and so one side has to start hitting the limit orders? Then whichever limit orders get hit (buy or sell limit orders) will move the price accordingly?

  36. I think you've got it, yeah. Price moves when a transaction occurs outside of the current NBBO. This usually happens with market orders, but can also happen if limit orders are placed outside of the spread (this is the most aggressive order type and will therefore take higher priority, potentially giving a better price).

  37. So an increased fee to transfer from/to 401k accounts, it looks like. Wonder why that transfer is 5x the cost of transacting with a broker...

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