Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman arrives to new member orientation wearing a suit and tie

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  1. D1, D2, X1, X2, Logan… in no particular order.

  2. As soon as u hear alcohol, u know theres bound to be drama.

  3. Hey, side question… does that head decoration have any special significance for Illyana. I almost never see her without it.

  4. Just tell them about ur period and don’t go.

  5. Blink! She goes around saving mutants and making friends along the way.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing Rasputin make her return, even if it's in a twisted future that will be reversed in the end.

  7. I thought that Auntie Fortune was Nocturne, from the Exiles comic book

  8. Hey boo, u need to move on. Find someone else who values you. Take care.

  9. As a kid I wasn't fond of his art and wasn't interested in a book about a bunch of kids.

  10. I dont know if I appreciate this type of art on a comic book such as New Mutants. But i have to say that I LOVE the art by itself

  11. The Middleman starring Natalie Morales

  12. Wonderfalls was so fucking good. Kinda like Pushing Daisies.

  13. He’s thinking that they are quite small…

  14. Shaggy should be taller than Fred, other than that this is perfect

  15. Its not like it hasn’t happened before. Hasbro reuses parts, left and right.

  16. The show Hollywood Darlings she was on was really funny.

  17. I really really loved that show, it was funny af. Sad that it did nit catch up

  18. Except marriage is quite obviously not only a religious act, and hasn't been for a couple of centuries in America. It never was specifically a Christian religious act either, so that makes the stance all that much more confusing.

  19. Its sad that she has taken this stance, ill guess ill keep rooting for Jodie S.

  20. What else would he be wearing? I don’t get it.

  21. He typically wears very casual clothing when out in public, so seeing him in a suit is something we don’t see everyday

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