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  1. You Would think that GGG Would be really pushing towards giving their player base exactly what they want with less than 90 days until Diablo 4 drops and they end up losing a Gigantic portion of their player base. But sadly for the player base they just seem to be Taking what is popular and destroying it so that you're forced to find something new Every single league except for a few builds that for some reason continue to escape their nerfs every single time. After multiple years of playing the game once I lost interest in Diablo 3. So I switched to Poe. I've realized that I also can't play path of exile anymore because every time I find a build or play style that I like that performs well it Eventually gets destroyed and then I can no longer play that build. To be successful in this game You either have to be extremely lucky with drops Or you have to be extremely good at all aspects of the game just to be successful and see end game content.

  2. I would start by licking you to several orgasms before fucking you in every position imaginable.

  3. morning, afternoon, evening, weekends and holidays. Youre the perfect mix of sweet, sexy, sultry and slutty.

  4. Love them. your tattoos tell a story.... like how I know you're huge Legend of Zelda fan because I see the truth ๐Ÿ˜

  5. kiss you gently... everything should start with a good kiss.

  6. Come on peach give me a chance. I'll fill all of your holes and leave you wanting more.

  7. perfect sun kissed cheeks during golden hour... Just another way to say aloha ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿค™

  8. kiss you for a while then give you the best happy ending blowjob I'm capable of

  9. Curiosity would imply that I wasn't sure what i'm looking at as attractive to me.... you're just making me turned on.

  10. literal perfection if I see you in the real... I'll try no to stare... much

  11. Congratulations Genesis. Hope it was everything you expected and more.

  12. YEAH i wasnโ€™t expecting to see me like this ever!! Amazing experience forsure ๐Ÿฅฐ

  13. Youre personality draws everyone in and makes that connection feel so real and personal... you really make people feel like you're doing everything you do just for them... and that's no small accomplishment.

  14. You are practically perfect. I would worship that sissy pussy daily

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