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  1. "patriots month??" Tf outta here

  2. Me and my friends jokingly call the Fourth of July “Straight Pride.” Apparently it’s caught on.

  3. Congrats on the surgery! As others said, you need to rest. I promise it won’t be that bad when you get back to working out. I was very conscientious about scar stretching so I took five months off of the gym, with only walking and hiking for exercise. Afterward, it took me maybe three weeks to get back to where I was pre-op. Let your body heal!

  4. Things are already ugly far right terrorist groups tried to kill the governor of Michigan and the Vice President. Pretending the people tonight would actually pose a threat to the state is overblowing what happened to astronomical proportions.

  5. That’s actually my point.

  6. It seemed like you were drawing a comparison my bad. Tonight was mostly mothers, grandmothers, and young women. People had strollers and their children. It was never going to spiral out of control. I hope things don’t get worse and we fight these restrictions with ballot initiatives.

  7. Ah totally. I hope I didn’t come across as a dick — and thanks for filling me in. As someone who no longer lives in Sioux Falls but is still heavily invested, it means a lot.

  8. Yikes dude it sounds like he is putting his own sexual pleasure over your comfort and joy, which is just really shitty. If he’s not as attracted to you after, that’s his own problem and absolutely not your responsibility. Your partner shouldn’t be making you feel insecure about something that will make you feel at home in your body. He should be taking care of you through this, not the other way around.

  9. The onus is on the man who is almost 40 to not predate on a 12 year old bro what the fuck

  10. Bruh when I went to Lincoln that’s all we learned too

  11. I specifically remember them explaining everything to us. Saying practicing abstinence was best, but let's be real some of you are going to have sex anyways. They always said use condoms. They don't teach you how to have sex obviously. Schools definitely encourage no sex though.

  12. Things must have changed big time since I’ve been there then. Like completely new curriculum.

  13. Estradiol is not a performance enhancing chemical, testosterone is. I think you are being intentionally obtuse with your statement.

  14. Testosterone being a controlled substance has made it nearly impossible for me and my friends to access it at times due to the hoops we have to jump through to get insurance to cooperate with pharmacies to cooperate with doctors and back around again. Saying it’s a “performance enhancing drug” feels a little bit like excusing the hell we have to go through to get it, which I honestly really hate. Especially because testosterone is not really prescribed to be a performance enhancer, it’s generally prescribed in older cis men with dropping T levels. The whole reason it’s so hard for trans people to access is because cis people view it the same way you’ve laid out here. If I’m being obtuse, you’re falling for cis excuses to make trans healthcare difficult.

  15. I think that you are kind of missing what I and the other person are saying. We don't agree that the ban on testosterone is a good thing.

  16. Your uncomfortable with it because they’re reducing your personhood to your genitalia. That’s normal.

  17. People can call themselves whatever they want as long as they’re not extending that to other people. This person wasn’t calling OP that phrase at all.

  18. Trans-masc here with just one tiny piece of info. I know some trans-fems who needed to hide their transition for safety reasons. In regard to number 4, some of them bought chest binders that trans-mascs use to hide their breasts. As a guy who went stealth in some spaces before top surgery, they really can be quite effective depending on breast size. Underworks and gc2b are popular brands.

  19. I am still waiting to know, the world is a very scary place right now

  20. Sending love and solidarity to you because I feel this deep in my soul <3.

  21. I feel like this describes every trans girl I’ve ever met lol

  22. In the super fan episode about Pam’s art show, Karen is trying to rip off the flyer Pam hung in the kitchen advertising her show, but Oscar walked in so Karen stopped.

  23. And they purposely cut it out of the final episode because it desecrated her character so badly. Karen was never supposed to be a villain.

  24. You can swim in a binder! Pre-top surgery I just did a binder with a rash guard. If people are weird you can always tell them you’re sensitive to sunlight.

  25. “Please don’t out me to strangers.” If she takes it poorly, that’s on her.

  26. what is a transgender test

  27. As another commenter said, it smells very strongly like hand sanitizer. It doesn’t have the same viscosity as baby oil, and minimal contact with it wouldn’t change your hormone levels.

  28. Currently looking at the Minneapolis area. While I'll miss the LCOL, there are far more job opportunities up there for someone with my skill set. Also, much much more shit to do, especially during the winter.

  29. Can you expand on the politics and terrible representatives part? I think the weather is seen as good or bad depending on the observer.

  30. This person is conservative and complaining about living in a liberal metro area. I got the fuck out of South Dakota and am thriving in the Twin Cities.

  31. MA>WA>CA>OR>WI>NY>DC>CO>other blue states>>>>>>>any red state.

  32. I'm not critical, I'm just curious -- how did you put this together?

  33. Basically it's just the state laws around trans care, queer population density, strength of Medicaid, and state legal protections..

  34. That’s awesome! Thank you!

  35. I take it you’re not queer? It’s a pretty obvious dog whistle to us in the community. Apparently it’s working on the likes of you.

  36. Wdym? I sort of get it, but at the same time it feels pretty weird to have pride parades and be openly proud about yourself, but get mad when other people do it. It just seems hypocritical to me.

  37. Look up “dog whistle.” People being proud of being white and straight is a dog whistle for some nasty ideology.

  38. It’s not. They are definitely pro lgbtq+ and host a lot of drag shows and events like that, but they aren’t a gay bar.

  39. Lmao exactly. If it’s the premier spot for straight dates, it’s no longer a gay bar.

  40. Bro our bodies are so similar (I’m just a little shorter than you.) I’m currently vibing in maintenance and feel good about it but you do you!

  41. I think Zoey is one of the most common trans women names.

  42. Y’all have excellent taste in names.

  43. That used to happen to me all the time until I figured it out. Whenever that would happen to me it was because my sugar was low or I didn’t eat enough proper nutrition before my heavy lifting sesh. If you know your breathing is fine try eating a few pieces of candy between sets or take a few sips of OJ.

  44. For what it’s worth, this was also my experience.

  45. I highly doubt your average city has organized FTM-specific exercise groups. Too niche.

  46. I’d agree with this. My city has a lot of informal queer sports with some trans specific ones as well. Searching “queer workout [city name]” into Facebook or Lex or what have you may be OP’s best bet.

  47. Eyy looking sharp dude! Congrats on six months!

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