1. Aw I'm sorry OP. I do wish my friends would do this, but it's not cool to ignore/forget someone's birthday when they don't want it ignored. Happy birthday and good luck in your new job!

  2. I appreciate the discipline, but I feel that’s a little extreme.

  3. Her daughter is an adult if she wants to make an only fans that’s her choice

  4. I think it's ish too. I don't find teens attractive at all. They're dumb and annoying and look, yknow, like a kid. But I feel attracted to my bf's teen pics for some reason 😭😭😭 I love him dearly, he's handsome, kind and intelligent. I was wondering if I should bring this up to him, but I feel like he'd find me weird :/

  5. Cmon on you’re 21 don’t act like you are on a different maturity scale than most teenagers

  6. Piece of scum should have his balls bitten off by a dog, eye for an eye

  7. Think about it this way the dads friend coulda knew the daughter since she was a lilttle ass kid is that not weird to you yes she’s an adult and legal but that’s just morally wrong on the bsf part and kinda creepy

  8. Okay now I’m seeing how creepy this whole situation is

  9. this is so gross lol, she got preyed on but we need to see how hot she is

  10. How does that fucking screeching help the situation

  11. Why are they still screaming let him go even when the guy already was let go?

  12. Russia cant control a smaller country so shoots for an even smaller country instead.

  13. I’m using this as a reference next time someone asks how much I’m packing

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