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  1. Two years later: "Chimp rips off face of owners"

  2. Teddy holdings is an LLC. BBBY could become a subsidiary under Teddy. Where Teddy is the parent company which would own at least 50% voting stock in BBBY.

  3. Reverse merger like the Chinese companies do? Get teddy listed without as much running around?

  4. Privatized hospitals is a very profitable choice to make.

  5. So we're on the cusp of a global economic financial crisis.

  6. I worked at McDonald's cleaning tables and floors. Got no tips. Why is a taxi, hairdresser, waiter tipped but not a starving student like me at McDonald's?

  7. Because counter service is not restaurant service

  8. Stingeflation: same price, lesser quality ingredients

  9. I met a homeless man that said a glass of milk is all he needs 🤷‍♂️

  10. Things are not getting more expensive... The dollar is worth less.

  11. Any expenses paid towards dental care is a medical tax deductible for sure. So if you owe $10,000 in taxes, that number is reduced by the medical expense.

  12. It's easy to blame others. However, the amount of blame you place on others will not resolve your issues.

  13. Yes. It's so well done I haven't finished it. Both because I'm a proper coward afraid of the lava core, and because I don't want it to end

  14. While it's always fun to win stuff, I just wanted to thank you for doing your part and also doing something fun for the people here.

  15. Didn't a kid make one during the pandemic and got it crowd funded

  16. Now I know the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Thank you.

  17. Allegedly, when Douglas Adams wrote hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, he was learning the early basics of early computer programming and the 42 character is an asterisk. In computer programming, an asterisk means anything you want it to be.

  18. It would be so funny if it got hit by a Javelin right in front of Putin... And he's like, "Fuck that was our last tank!?"

  19. extra point to aiming at the tank and not at the putin :)

  20. You have to let Putin live in this situation. He needs to be taken alive and carved away inch by inch over a long period of time. Everyone in Ukraine should be allowed to have their pound of Putin

  21. Was it closed? They've always had a cinnabon...

  22. was down for renovations, actually. people speculated it was closed though

  23. This is a fantastic exploration game. Buy it, enjoy it, don't spoil anything.

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