1. man, i just judged the high times cannabis cup with the best samples of weed across michigan, and over half of them were wellll over 3 months harvest date. And straight fire. I also buy from plenty of dispensaries across Ohio because im a medical patient, and there's 100% 6 month old bud that is still perfectly fine. It's all about the cure, The dry, The packaging. A company can 100% make buds last 6-7 months in near perfect condition.

  2. sure, but we all know they absolutely are not maintaining those conditions. they cure for a month in glass then sit in bags for the most part throughout ohio.

  3. If that's your belief then almost every grower in Ohio sucks balls. I am a hobbyist and I can keep weed fresh for that long. With zero terpene degradation. Y'all didn't smoke weed till it was "legal" and it shows

  4. i’m not elderly but 7 years of daily smoking begs to differ. these companies literally leave bud drying out in shitty containers for months. not glass with humidity control. also i doubt you can test for terpene degradation at home chode 😭

  5. the only reason people hate klutch is bc they’re mad about them being overpriced. the opinions on this sub are so strange.

  6. as someone who knows how to purchase intelligently and with research: klutch is amazing 99% of the time. they consistently give me bud that burns white, grinds fresh, tastes amazing, and is filled with terps. certified is similar but waaay less consistent and they still charge $150 regularly for smalls 1/2 oz. galenas is probably top dog but puts out too many weak strains when they get bought out of good shit. buckeye relief is the next best but sometimes a budget brand. those are the ONLY brands worth purchasing in ohio. but klutch and galenas rival and/or best any rec weed i’ve had from colorado or michigan, even hyman

  7. “purchase intelligently with research” bow down everyone, this one’s had his med card for a year

  8. that was specifically meant to @ the massive amount of people on here buying strains that have a million bad reviews on this sub and then saying that cultivar is bad. meanwhile they’re buying firelands garbage and POW. the anti klutch is def way more unfounded than any praise

  9. Buying JUST for THC% is a trap anyways. THC is the horsepower and the terpenes are the driver. Having a shit driver in an F1 car isn't gonna do you much of anything. What they need is THC% AND the terpenes posted together online so that you can make an informed decision on what works best for your own needs. 20% THC may hit harder than a 30%+ THC just because it has better terpene profiles.

  10. only see this with certified at CC, and even then they post multiple batches sometimes so you don’t know what you’ll get

  11. only thing that makes sense to me is you bought a poor quality distillate cart, that’s the most potent strain around tbh

  12. this is my first souls game after platting elden ring. i hate how dark souls plays personally, but sekiro is just right. just had the same experience with genichiro and now i feel like i’m good at games. love this shit.

  13. Haven't had SBD either but I want to get a tenth eventually.

  14. all three are terrible options for you! try some mycrene forward sativas like arnie palmer , 92 cookies or lime sherbet if you need it less racy. also if you ever find lemon slushee, that’s like a tasty non terpinoline o43 to me. good luck brother

  15. facts, #1 is usually more energetic but way lower in the terps and thc

  16. Curious what ur lemon 🍋 💧 🍪 is like I got some a while back it was the worst bud I've ever had

  17. i’ve got it now, it burns so harsh it’s more like firelands than typical certified product

  18. This actually awakened a long lost memory in my mind. Many years ago I was at a small party consisting of mostly co-workers. Music was low and there was a ton of friendly chatter. Very nice vibe. Then one of the guest decided he was going to bring in his portable amp and electric guitar to lay down some sweet riffs. Many people tried to politely dissuade him, but there was no stopping him. After about 5 minutes of speed metal solo the place quickly started to clear out. That single event was the talk of the office on the next work day. As I think of it right now I can’t stop laughing.

  19. One time my toe was hurting. So i took off my shoe and sock and notice a strand of my girlfriend’s hair had wrapped itself TIGHTLY around my toe and had cut off the circulation

  20. I found my ex’s hair nearly in my asshole. No idea how. Also wrapped around my dick. Fun times.

  21. white people really hate will smith over nothing lmaoooo

  22. You’re right, assaulting someone over a joke is okay and we should just allow people to be more violent

  23. Personally Galenas is my favorite. Insanely high terps..stupid expensive but, by far best flower in our program.

  24. where are y’all finding klutch halves under $180?

  25. i wanted to like this game so bad. the story elements and imagery were great but man i hated that gameplay. still haven’t met one person who agrees.

  26. Disagree. He was insane to say what he did. He gave her a get out of jail free card, and she took it.

  27. a normal reaction would be separating instead of having a tense sex life for a decade….,,

  28. Some people have kids and are entangled in a more complicated fashion. So no, that wouldn't be the 'normal' reaction.

  29. i’m not looking for the projected sadness of 40 year old redditors

  30. more andrew tate men need to be highlighted and embarrassed with media like this

  31. Tate himself couldn't agree with you more! The public ridicule and shaming you're calling for here is one of the biggest factors that keep delivering hordes of loyal followers to him (and others like him) on a silver platter.

  32. reddit centrists genuinely think you can reason and empathize with red pilled men ostracism is the answer for creeps

  33. no clue. my phone and e-mail are the same on both and i’ve brought it up to get the points on purchase and they act like they don’t know what i’m talking about

  34. Did you sign up for the loyalty club? If not, you can go to their website and sign up for it there. Once you're signed up, you will get points automatically with every purchase, you wont have to ask. The points continue to add up, and don't expire. You can redeem them for $15, $25, or $50 Amazon gift cards.

  35. i’ve been signed up and just double checked, and it seems my last purchase finally got me some points after a whole year of purchases lmao. all good. what timing.

  36. For me the smell is great but the effects just aren’t there. Right now if I had to choose it would be LR as it seems to be the strongest I’ve found but may be taking a trip to MI based on these comments

  37. the effects on live resin will 1000% be more powerful than distillate???

  38. I thought Alien Pebbles was Michigan ONLY strain!?! I so hope it makes it's way SW.......

  39. it’s like the beatles. may have created a genre. but i fucking hate it. respect

  40. Were those labeled at smalls originally? Their 14s are pretty damn pricey (around $150) and seem to only be listed as smalls around me.

  41. these were the only one at columbia care that didn’t say smalls! i try to avoid them, too dried out too quick. i think they had arnie palmer ounces with full buds too

  42. Everytime I’ve tried to get a 1/2 from certifed it looks nothing like this, usually Larfy and all smalls. This looks nice

  43. yeah their select is much better typically but for $109 otd i’m happy

  44. Galenas is garbage for what you pay. I will take any Woodward strain over galenas any day. I have wasted so much money on them trying to get the best because they are ‘organic’. Not sure why but I always feel awful after any Galenas. Throat sore, headache etc. Never looks fresh. Never smells good.

  45. have you tried EPBC? because that and Lembas Dough are both gas. and that new Alien Pebbles looks amazing

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