Québec - Fuji XT2 & 35 1.4

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  • By - jcov7

  1. Hi, I like the greens in contrast to the blue in the background! However, your background is quite busy and I think your picture could use some more separation between the subject and the background. It would make your subject stand out more.

  2. Yeh, I've heard some good things about the Sigma or Tamron lenses. If I didn't have to lug my stuff across the world I'd definitely be tempted by a 70-300 Fuji, or maybe even the 100 - 400 4.5 :). Thank you for your help.

  3. The fuji 70-300 is awesome! You can get quite close to your subject at 300mm (83cm), so you can use it for macro-like close-ups too!

  4. I have no idea, and my others all have new batteries except one that's still rocking an original

  5. Does the battery you are showing in the picture work in your PSP?

  6. I've got the XF 70-300. It's pretty great. It has superb stabilization, you can really feel it when you focus or take videos, it's almost gimbal like.

  7. I agree! Also, I love the minimum focus distance of just 83cm (@300mm) of the 70-300. It's great for taking macro like pictures while having an awesome tele lens :)

  8. I got the same kit about 2 years for the regular price which was much higher than 800€. I love this camera and I have no need to change to another body anytime soon. I think you are getting great value for that price!

  9. I started buying additional lenses too early. The 18-55 is fantastic and I agree with

  10. I default to aperture priority. In case I need faster shutter speed, I will adjust manually. I don't really care about ISO.

  11. Looks very moody! But why use f16 in what looks like a rather dark environment?

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