1. They will probably take it away the moment MK2 uppers are back in stock.

  2. Who is the target market here? Not hating, just very confused and curious.

  3. Encore Zero, Cup, and Show of Life. Pure. Friggin. Evil.

  4. I’m not they biggest fan of this. I think it’s they overly busy details. I would wait for they AD to offer something else.

  5. Saying Phamily, or the guy who said “as a phather” the other day. Pretty much anything playing on the Ph

  6. People spelling everything with “ph”— I’m a fan, not a “phan”

  7. I’m always incredibly curious to asked reforms souls such as yourself—what inspired your initial mount job? Why did you go that high in the first place? As some sort of informal sociological study, I just want to learn more about people’s thought process.

  8. It is a reminder of the good times of pre-COVID XFL 2.0 goodness. It is a celebration of America. It is the greatest thing to come to football since the forward pass.

  9. I missed the start of the game, why won’t security let the fans have the beer snake? It was meme-worthy shenanigans like the snake that made XFL 2.0 so great and beloved. Huge mistake on the league’s part.

  10. Having our faculty senate redesign them so they are more about student learning and not the professor!

  11. I would love to see the redesigned items. Ours are not learning focused at all.

  12. I love this beer. I miss the plastic goat ornaments.

  13. That’s actually a really great idea. I love this.

  14. The 39 would be perfect but given the case thickness it’s gotta be 43 to balance out the height

  15. The thickness in vivo on the wrist is not really that dramatically disproportioned. The way the case sits makes it appear much thinner. It’s hard to describe, but it’s incredibly balanced, wears great, and easily slips under the cuff. It’s near perfect.

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