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  1. Please look into ketamine. It increases glutamate and is one of the best antidepressants when nothing else works.

  2. Do you know of any doctors in Florida who will do ketamine treatments on teenagers? My child's psychiatrist requires patients be 21 or older.

  3. Do you happen to know if they’re doing any kind of testing to see if these drugs could help treat bipolar disorder?

  4. I feel like I read that there is a study to use amarita mucaris mushrooms for bipolar disorder

  5. I have no scholarships, paid with private student loans. SallieMae specifically.

  6. Be aware that the required payments may be less than the monthly principal which means that you could end up paying significantly more than your original principal plus interest. By paying less than the monthly principal , your interest will to continue to compound, bringing you further into debt.

  7. Took gen Ed’s and required art courses at community college or through Clep tests, then transferred. Also got scholarships from portfolio and achievement submissions

  8. I quite like their gummies. Strong shit as someone with no former experience with mushrooms.

  9. I just ordered these capsules and gummies. Did they make you nauseous? Did you like the feeling? I'm hoping that they might help with anxiety and depression since it's legally easier than using psilocybin.

  10. I had a similar experience with this company, both with the product and customer service. I also really enjoyed the gummies like you, in addition to the microdose capsules. I still want to try the shroom snacks and the spore shots look interesting. I’ll update with a review when I get a chance to try them if anyone is interested.

  11. I just ordered the microdose capsules and gummies from psilomart. How has your experience been so far? I saw on another reddit post that you should still decarboxylate the powder in the capsules. Is that true or did you just take them? I'm concerned about nausea. I also saw on the other reddit posts that people feel that psilomart is sketch. Do I need to test the purity of the product first? I've never used this type of mushroom before and a scared about it being a neurotoxin. Thanks for your help

  12. Were you ever able to upgrade to carplay? I'm considering buying a 2017 Tucson sport but won't if I can't get carplay. Thanks.

  13. Been through a few cars since then, but this model didn’t come with carplay stock. You can get an aftermarket stereo installed with Carplay, though.

  14. Thank you for responding. I appreciate your feedback on the Tucson Sport.

  15. Have you heard if you got scholarship money yet? I didn’t think SCAD had announced scholarships yet. Depending on whether they would give you more money, that may help you decide. I second the Savannah campus for film.

  16. My neuropsychologist recommended this game for my kids’ adhd

  17. I second everything the above poster said. Very common to have adhd, too. Also agree with Vyvsnse, counseling, and getting accommodations. As others have said, take your foundations and general Ed’s at a community college to save money and work on skills to get through your self-sabotaging tendencies. Bless your parents for understanding! Not everyone is that lucky. Hang in there. It sounds cliche but don’t give up. Nothing in life is permanent. You can move on and up from this. It’s better to figure all if this out now before attempting scad in person. It’s an extremely stressful school and ultimately may not be the best place for you. If it’s not, trust that you will find the right one.

  18. I was told that your school counselor can nominate one person from your school for the distinguished scholarship. It is for freshman. I heard they give 6 of them, I also heard that international students have a better chance. I also think I remember reading that for the ones that they are considering, they will be interviewed.

  19. I think you can put jobs or internship-type experiences too

  20. I would recommend taking as many of their equites foundation courses and gen Ed’s at a community college and then transferring to SCAD. SCAD did tell us that they’re employment figures are concerning people who gave jobs, not necessarily people who have jobs in the field in which they majored.

  21. Shit man, I'm sorry. All I can say to that is to maybe keep reading and learning about these phenomena to understand them better.

  22. I would stay. Make sure you have food, batteries, everything charged. We want through it last night in FL and it wasn’t bad. Looks like it’s bypassing GA

  23. I've wondered this, too. I used to hate and fear bugs. Now I trap them and put them outside. I don't have the heart to kill them. Sometimes I feel guilty when pulling weeds. If they are living, shouldn't they have souls, too?

  24. SCAD alumn here! If you have a good community College that's close to you, I would actually recommend getting your AA (a transferable associate degree) there (basically knocking out all your gen Ed and intro design classes) and then transfer to SCAD for your last 2 years. It can be both a money saver and give you access to more/better scholarships upon application to transfer. When I applied out of high school I was only offered 2K in SCAD scholarships (even with a 4.0) but when I applied again as a transfer student (with not a 4.0) they offered me 16K in scholarships!

  25. Scad will honor 50% of your state scholarship that you are awarded

  26. I encourage those suffering to find psilocybin. It’s been decriminalized in some states and it’s legal to buy the spore prints in most states. You deserve to be happy. Please hang in there and don’t give up hope. Try it if you can. It can help change your view.

  27. Any chance you could ask to switch to a different professor that teaches the same class?

  28. They won't allow you to transfer any classes required by the major. You can transfer gen eds and foundation courses. You can view the list here.

  29. You could apply to be an RA to save on room and board costs.

  30. I have had a few Amazon returns that go charge if you use ups, but it’s not the norm. I have also seen them charge for ups pickup but not drop off.

  31. Savannah is a much bigger campus. Atlanta is only 1 or 2 buildings.

  32. Take as many gen eds and foundation classes at a community college and then transfer to save money

  33. Rising stars is a good way to try out the school before committing to it. You can get 2 college courses out if the way. Joint enrollment is worth it if you know you going to scad and you get the half tuition scholarship (available if you do well during rising stars).

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