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  1. No. When you are always complaining, tantruming, and micro analyzing everything someone does, it grates on them after awhile. You can tell he's over it.

  2. He doesn’t know how to cope with literally anything that gets a little too hard

  3. People can see right through Kim. She emotionally and mentally abused Olivia when Olivia was a child. Kim is NOT Olivia’s mom so of course she’s not as forgiving. Olivia doesn’t even forgive her own mom why would she forgive Kim?

  4. Kat stickler. I dunno she just gives off entitled vibes

  5. She cheated. Pretty simple. It’s known in Ciro

  6. I don't think youth excuses an adult's bad behavior and it definitely doesn't mean a 20-something can't be similar to a 50-something in some ways.

  7. 20 year olds brains 🧠 are not fully developed.

  8. Contact the manufacturer. No one here can tell you if it is safe to eat.

  9. Ok didn’t know if someone made gummies and could tell me

  10. Even if we did, you bought them from a company, not us. They're the only ones who can tell if what you bought is safe

  11. Good to know hope it someone had a similar experience that could tell me

  12. Kim is going to majorly regret this. Throwing away your 25 year marriage with the father of your 9 children because you’ve been feeling unfulfilled for a few months? Without even trying therapy?

  13. She cheated and loves someone else, heard from someone who lives there

  14. So Moriah finally stopped wearing fake eyelashes and now Olivia is wearing them.

  15. Wow he literally can’t be more unsupportive. Tell him what you are doing don’t ask. He’s being a selfish child. Fuck just make him watch his own kids and don’t get a sitter at at. Just leave and tell him to deal with it. Sometimes us wives need to out our men in their place. I’m sure he has no problem leaving u over night for a fishing/golf/bachelor/ hunting/whatever men do. He sounds emotionally disabled. Don’t feel responsible for how he’s feeling he’s just trying to guilt u and make u feel bad and he succeeded. Manipulation is abuse

  16. Us Americans like our bubble. Don’t enter our bubble lol

  17. Dude those siblings only had each other. They were best friends because they couldn’t have friends lol of course she’s acting weird because she doesn’t want to upset her brother or her parents. She’s always playing Switzerland and that’s on trauma

  18. I really respect people who will stand up for someone even if they have a difficult relationship with that person. She didn’t have to correct the record on Barry, but did it anyway.

  19. Right?! Kim isn’t mentally stable. Her mom also has a history of mental illness. Sad situation. I feel so bad for the little kids still left at home. I hope she realizes all the emotional damage/trauma she’s doing to those kids while she finds HER happiness because she had a traumatic childhood because her mom was in and out of her life. So much for breaking generational trauma.

  20. Kim is a narcissistic who only thinks of herself. She is jealous of Olivia and wants to be like Moriah. She is trying to relive her high school days. She's friend with my uncle from high school and reconnected with him and his wife. Within 5 months they had to tell her they couldn't hang out anymore because Kim was so overwhelming constanting asking to come over, drinking too much, breaking glasses, my aunt and her got into it over Ethan. She told her she was stubborn and needed to start acting like a mother and get over herself. It didn't end pleasantly. Kim is crazy. And yes, she is cheating on Barry with several men.

  21. Personally when we were looking, it was between Tipp City, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, and Kettering. Kettering ended up not having the type of house we wanted, and Bellbrook had only one house available we even wanted to consider, but then the owner kept flaking on showings. We eventually settled on Tipp because we fell in love with a house here. It’s a bit of a commute to work on base, but worth it for the pace of life we like (a lot slower than the suburbs that are directly adjacent to the city).

  22. Nah. She’s just needed validation from her minions after she got called out for being a petty biyatch.

  23. meri thought she had an ally in robyn. little did she know.

  24. I think Robyn is extremely uneducated and didn’t graduate high school. The nanny was to help the kids with the schooling.

  25. She really is just dumb. Like a straight I study really hard to get a C dumb

  26. She really is just dumb. Like a straight I study really hard to get a C dumb

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