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  1. A great sunset can be seen at sunken meadow beach boardwalk

  2. Im impressed you got that giant head into that little dress

  3. This window is crying for a custom stained glass piece

  4. Strange. The south has always the birthplace of forward thinkers and compassionate people.

  5. I'd be much more afraid of my kid becoming a bible thumper than a satan worshiper.

  6. You look like Bill Burr after going through his first round of chemo

  7. As Republican he kept getting fucked in the ass, so he figured...might as well be gay

  8. You're not a Chad. The real Chad is banging your girlfriend while you are sitting here at the call center with your little headset on.

  9. Huh? Need to know what you mean, before deciding whether to respond.

  10. I do, and Northport has 'em, both private and public. I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt that you had an actual point beyond some sort of beach snobbism. My mistake!

  11. What beaches? The private beaches by Makamah? Not Northport. That is Fort Salonga (even though they share the same zipcode).

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