1. I read that the MFA in creative writing lost accreditation so they stopped it.

  2. Okay thanks for your help! They keep changing the metrics of these packs every few years when I take a break and come back there is always so much to learn.

  3. The card I got in my New Capenna booster pack was the Iconic Master's Print of Urabrssk the Hidden.

  4. Yeah I did, the card I got had a 2017 date on it and a totally different set symbol.

  5. The separation of consciousness from the body. I’ve existed in places where there was no need for my body. It felt real. There are answers there…

  6. This shit is so deep, it really makes me want to make the dive into the realm of psychedelics. Wow, I feel like my brain just popped one off reading this. Thanks for sharing your journey, I wish you all the best for real.

  7. I get high and see God. Like just in my head spiritual experiences and experiment with 4th dimensional travel and extraterrestrials contact events.

  8. I kinda believe 21 just because of peoples developing brains honestly. You meet people that started smoking as kids and they are completely baked...

  9. Looks like a good deal, although those may be really small hands now that I think about it..

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