1. Lots of "my car my rules" and "based lol fuck women" kinda comments here.

  2. youre not gonna get hearing damage just from listening to metal also they never even mentioned that in the first place

  3. why are u guys so weird. this is such a cute comic and now it's ruined :(

  4. im sorry but with a flair like that i can imagine youve ruined many a cute comic yourself

  5. unironically though if you get off to horse hentai you are a zoophile and need help

  6. The problem isn't when they talk about their bad relationship, it's healthy to talk about that. The problem is when they bring it up on a post about a person's good parental relationship and make the OP feel bad, even if not on purpose. Also, "people who actually have issues"?????? Wtf. People can have issues that aren't related to parents and those are perfectly valid.

  7. If you behave like this, you are a narcissist and you will continue the cycle of abuse. You had no choice about how you came into this world. It's ok to be upset about that, but it isn't acceptable to make other people ashamed of getting a better hand when they were born. If this is your attitude towards other people who rolled higher with the cosmic dice, then you're going to be the miserable person that hurt you so much. I can almost guarantee that the person that hurt you had this exact mindset and it's toxic. You have the opportunity to end this cycle. It won't give you a better life, but you can at least take solace in knowing you did what was right

  8. “girls when i send them a video of their cute boyfriend bouncing on my dick and moaning like a girl”

  9. tfw no dominant stoner gf who makes you get her her favorite snacks when she has the munchies

  10. he made graduation he made graduation he made graduation he made graduation he made graduation he made graduation he made graduation

  11. this is like if led zeppelin fans tried to rationalize their liking of jimmy page by saying “he made physically graffiti he made physical graffiti he made physical graffiti”

  12. Why are you talking about empathy when you just wrote a paragraph telling us why poor people deserve to get shot in the kneecaps?

  13. so you're ok with being a christian supremacist and erasing indigenous faiths? And by "not your problem" I do hope you give way to body autonomy rights.

  14. I heard [ASMR] Nothing but Pure Uninterrupted Femboy Breeding~ (Teaser, Moans, Intense, NSFW, Pounding~) is pretty good👍

  15. It's annoying, pessimistic, self-defeatist, pretentious, and contributes absolutely nothing to anything and anyone in any way. "OoOoOoOoOoOoH, LiFe Is MeAnInGlEsS! NoThInG mAtTeRs!" like stfu, it definitely wont with that fucking attitude (Not attacking you, just venting about the ideology in general).

  16. I still don’t like this way of thinking, as I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’ll agree with you that most if not all of the examples listed here are pretty cult-like and really not the same as most other faiths. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s morally right to think people are evil or stupid or whatever for being indoctrinated into a cult, especially if they were raised on it from a young age. It’s like if you have a friend in an abusive relationship but doesn’t realize it. Do you cut them off for being someone who is “okay with abuse” or “too stupid to see the obvious red flags?” No, the correct answer here is sympathy and compassion, not ostracizing. That’ll make the problem worse, as losing all of their friends will make them more reliant on their partner. There really are some otherwise fine people who unfortunately, for one reason or another, end up as a Scientologist or a Jehovah’s Witness or even potentially as a member of something like the Peoples Temple or Heaven’s Gate or whatever. And I think the correct answer here is to try to help these people rather than to completely shut them off from the rest of society. (Also as a little side note, I purposefully left out Latter Day Saints/Mormons, as while I think their religion is a bit silly, I also understand how that’s basically how most atheists would view me as a Christian, so I extend to them the same levels of respect that I hope atheists give to me) Quick edit: as another side note I don’t think that governments and other institutions have any obligation to recognize something like Scientology as being equivalent to something like Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or what have you.

  17. literally no one said people were evil or stupid for being indoctrinated into a cult because its always a very drawn out process of manipulation and abuse also who’s calling to cut them off from society? theyre just saying they wouldnt employ them

  18. fuck off we cant tolerate those who are intolerant regardless of if theyve done as little as called someone a slur or as much as going to an armed rally protesting for the oppression of lgbtq people

  19. i noticed you have evil dead 1 and 2 listed but not army of darkness did you somehow watch it before the other two?

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