1. Someone mentioned FS is harder to pedal on the paved roads. I'm going to be like 80% paved and maybe 20% trail.

  2. You could even get a fully rigid gravel bike or a modern hybrid like a Trek FX with disc brakes.

  3. It is faster on pavement— depending on how you set it up. Fully rigid so you don’t have the extra weight of an air fork, and you don’t lose energy to the fork as you pedal. It’s also cheaper. If you throw gravel tires on an FX you can ride gravel trails and maybe smooth single track and double track.

  4. I wondered what he was thinking would happen. It just looks like he was trying his best to achieve suicide by cop basically

  5. I mean, life in the West Bank is pretty grim as far as I understand it. If you can tell you have very few options in life, violence against your oppressors (perceived or real) becomes a much more attractive path.

  6. My PhD advisor was a senior, tenured professor, assistant department chair, 40 years experience, top 20 university in his field. He made $120k/year. That’s good money, but people who go work in finance or software or something are paid wayyyy more. He did it because he loved his work.

  7. Yeah, I'm thinking about possibly going into academia for research, and basically everyone there is like "well, the pay isn't great.. but it's interesting work!"

  8. The thing is, young post docs and professors work their butts off, like at least as hard as a startup entrepreneur. You have to sacrifice a lot to stay in academia. It’s not unusual to hear about spouses literally living across the freaking country from each other on a permanent basis just so they can keep their academic jobs. I’m not trying to talk you out of it, but you should know that it requires extreme dedication and a good deal of luck along the way.

  9. Imagine cross posting your own post to BCJ! Mods ban him.

  10. A bike will need more frequent maintenance if you're looking at total miles, but almost no maintenance on a bike will be as expensive or time consuming as basic car maintenance.

  11. You gotta open a bike shop if you can change 3 tires, 3 chains, brake pads and a cassette in 15 minutes!!

  12. Don’t buy surlys with fucked up dropouts. I don’t know why they’re so insane with their goddamn frankendrops

  13. I had no idea they were like this until the first time my wife got a flat! Adding rear drops to my list of bike features to check

  14. Weird, I was looking to get a straggler for a long time and they were never available. I didn’t realize they had this feature.

  15. That’s what I do, but It’s finicky. The wheel never sits in exactly the same place so your disc brake alignment isn’t repeatable.

  16. I’d say the frame is still structurally sound. You wouldn’t drill a hole in a frame for a nut in a structurally critical location and then rely on welding in a nut for strength. Also, Round holes don’t cause stress concentration like cracks.

  17. Is milk a better option? Serious question because for me, it is.

  18. No way anyone over 30 is downing a full glass of milk!!

  19. This is one plot from a lengthy article in NY Times. I posted the source in my top level comment. There is no way to capture the nuances in a Reddit post title.

  20. Pretty misleading graph. Like the small print says, motorcycle registration doubled in roughly the same period. Also, population increased over that period. This sort of thing is trying to make you think something that isn't necessarily true.

  21. I mean, it’s real data... I linked to the source article that provides a discussion of the data.

  22. What would the creator lose from plagiarism, and what would the plagiarizer gain? I think the answer is that the creator would have little to lose and the plagiarizer little to gain.

  23. Anything you can do from the Tank to make it harder for the ATGM crew to hit you with the second shot, aside from return fire? Drive faster / evasive action?

  24. You don't need to limit your search to bikes that come from the factory with fenders/rack. Almost any hybrid / urban / light touring bike can have fenders, lights and a rack mounted to it for a few hundred bucks including installation.

  25. Nice, I like the internal hub with a chain, great compromise. Also would really prefer a dynamo front hub and lighting ready to go for ease of use

  26. Ahh, didn't realize you wanted a dynamo.

  27. I did not. The headline grabbing gun violence stories are mass shootings with semi auto rifles and handguns, suicides, and gang violence. If the only gun deaths every year were a few tragic hunting accidents, there probably wouldn’t be a debate about gun regulations at all.

  28. I don’t think many people have problems with hunting rifles…

  29. Same thing happened to me Wed. Car hit me walking my bike in a crosswalk, my Poseidon redwood was on the left side of me when the car hit me. I broke my left knee and my frame is toast. I flew through the air and landed on my knee and face, thank god I was wearing a helmet.

  30. Hope your lawyer wrings every available penny from guy’s insurance company. You deserve a payout to compensate all the recovery time, mental and physical.

  31. Majority of highway deaths are people wearing seatbelts. Conspiracy! 🤦‍♂️

  32. Yeah... with what just happened in Colorado on my mind, I think it is definitely better to be more on the alert than not.

  33. Don’t forget Virginia— 6 shot in a Walmart.

  34. i want to clarify HOW magnetic? if you have strong magnets they can be attracted to certain aluminum alloys.

  35. Ah nepotism, the American dream at its best.

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