1. Aren't soldiers required to cut or tie their hair? Meaning it's either staged, and shooting in residential area for no reason, so bruh, she's not even a soldier, so bruh, or she actually went into action with great unresponsibilty, so bruh. Either way - bruh.

  2. This mechanism should be expanded. You can just write "ez gg" to avoid it. Or just "ez". It only works with "gg ez" specifically. Close, but no donut

  3. This filter was kind of a joke that they just never removed, it wasn't a serious attempt at anything.

  4. But it has great potential to have a laugh at the (as I like to call them) "Ezzers"

  5. Since when is DVa, Pharah, Zarya, and McCr- Cassidy in Overwatch?

  6. Your post has been removed due to it referencing a piracy-centric site or application. If you believe this was in error, please contact the moderators to approve your post.

  7. Right? Sound barrier can save the entire team from ultimates, while using rally before an ultimate is pretty much a throw.

  8. But you don't use Rally defensively, you use it while going into team fight. It's not the character's problem that you use her ult wrong lol

  9. Very true, but her ult doesn’t provide enough value compared to other support character’s ults and Brig herself doesn’t get tanky enough to truly play offensively during it. It’s way too expensive of an ult to justify how little value it gives

  10. It's not an ult that's supposed to make her tanky, but instead her entire team, so they can dive with less worries. It's 30*5 armor/sec which is basically 150 armor/sec + increased movement speed, and constant Inspire, thanks to the initiated team fight.

  11. All these names are pretty bland. They should pick qn unusual, but real name.

  12. You can play with black cutscene armor in A Crack in Time

  13. Failed at day 9. Don't try to beat it without a nut - it's a false friend

  14. How is Pharah more important than Soldier 76 or Ana

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