1. Check out the undersink filters at This is exactly what you are looking for. I Have used them for years on the cold water side of the sink. If you are unsure what to order call them. Very helpful folks

  2. No wool buyers, no wool sellers. -- Ben Franklin

  3. On this subject, can anyone recommend a decent decaf? We want to cut back but we really love the taste and warmth, but grocery store decaf is foul.

  4. Lavazza DEK Filter is very good. In the US you can get it off Amazon

  5. I worked in IT for 40 years. Always stayed on the cutting edge and loved it. Only hassle is you have to reinvent yourself every five years. Retired now due to the 24/7 thing, but miss the people and the challenge. It's a great career and so much fun!

  6. In my case I only get that message when I am some distance from the car. If I'm next to the car it just opens the frunk. Do you have your GPS turned on and authorized for fine location?

  7. Never learned how to park yourself?

  8. Clearly you are someone with no use for any of the self driving features.

  9. Thank you. I had not thought of relating it to FSD beta on the foolish assumption that they were just adding features and not removing them as well

  10. Wow. That is a dead sub if I ever saw one.

  11. But I will subscribe anyway because I love the concept and have hope for the future

  12. Crock pot look Kailua pig is wonderful. Also take a (preferably wild) salmon fillet, brush well with liquid smoke, salt and pepper generously, and a small sprinkle of sugar. Fresh dill if you like. Let sit for 30-60 minutes and sous vide at 118 for 45 minutes (hotter if farmed salmon). Heavenly warm or cold

  13. Wright's brand is the original from back in the 1800's and still arguably the best. It's just smoke and water. Actually if you look at the ingredients, most smoked food you buy uses liquid smoke

  14. It will affect the taste but it might be absolutely delicious. Give it a try. Let the Reddit world know how you like it. You might start a new trend And your five year old will be perfectly safe

  15. Sherlock is wonderful. Smells like a fragrant version of a damp autumn morning with lots of fallen oak leaves

  16. Yes s22+ in the US. It used to happen, went away for a year, and now it's back. Haven't done enough testing to figure out if it's the phone, the network, or something I installed though

  17. I had missed they dumped their travel insurance right before Covid hit too, Sept 2019. They still have the rental car insurance but I need to find a new card for travel.

  18. If you want excellent travel insurance get the chase Sapphire reserve. It isn't cheap but you can save thousands on travel insurance. Trip cancellation of 1000/person 20,000 /trip

  19. I'm guessing it's late '60s based on memories

  20. Bullseye 64 bit is working great for me

  21. Once you start cooking beans in a pressure cooker you'll get so good at it that it just just becomes second nature. Quick and easy. A few minutes longer is not a disaster and it's quick to start them back up for a few minutes more Always add two tablespoons of oil to prevent frothing which can clog the vent pipe. One advantage to cooking beans in the pressure cooker if they are much much more digestible than if you cook them in a pot

  22. Here’s what I’ve been doing for nearly 30 years with multiple Fagor stovetop pressure cookers. For 1 cup dried beans.

  23. I usually do 6 to 8 minutes after 1+ hour hot soak. My beans may have sat in the cupboard longer than your than yours and it takes longer for older beans. Funny thing, I'm making beans as I'm reading this for kenji's 30 minute black bean soup. It's wonderful if you haven't tried it

  24. That's a great hike. But if you want a really really good workout and view, just keep going up The Priest!

  25. Also, once you pick your distro, the website will have basic instructions. A quick web search will provide specific instructions to cover the level of detail you need along with many how-to videos. Lots of info out there

  26. French Press or AeroPress are good choices

  27. It's certainly safe to drink.. Probably lost a lot of character though.

  28. Reality of LEDs rated life is that while the LEDs themselves usually last very long, the low quality of components in the power converter leads to failure long before 15-25 years. Especially in the lower price tier.

  29. Feit is also an excellent brand. Haven't had any of those fail in 10+ years

  30. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but Jack London's short story "To Build a Fire" springs to mind. Great story in any event.

  31. If you have delicate plants like tomatoes peppers or basil cover them with something and that should take care of it. You don't need anything special a bed sheet will work fine

  32. If it's cake, it's interesting!

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