1. I’ve always thought this. The only problem I can think of is that it doesn’t track with how panic attacks have been portrayed before.

  2. is it true that she has a clause in her work contracts that she must show tiddies for every job?

  3. I liked it. Didn't seem like it was trying to go for a specific message, more like a snapshot of all the different ideas floating around right now.

  4. Like all great art, it’s only message is the thing itself

  5. Marco Polo is the best episode imo , the sopranos is at its best when it intertwines Tony’s mob work and just the regular suburban dad lifestyle he try’s to live

  6. The scene where Tony and AJ throw Carmela into the pool is one of my favorites in the whole show

  7. Its because they’re both variations of the word “booty”.

  8. I’ve always been of the opinion that the blackout at the end is Tony having another panic attack bc he thinks he’s gonna get whacked

  9. Wow, this is my interpretation too. I’ve never seen someone else say this before.

  10. i love CGI livia and freeze frame carmela just for how absolutely ridiculous they are

  11. The CGI Livia seemed pretty poorly done (i’m sure it was well-done at the time, but it’s aged really bad). I see it as one of the few weak bits in an otherwise great show.

  12. That scene certainly rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve always viewed her as one of the more positive characters, but now I’m thinking abt her differently.

  13. The worst part of my brian thinks this is a cover story for a medical issue

  14. There’s so many ways to go. What did you like about Breathless and what DIDN’T blow you away about Band of Outsiders?

  15. Snake Eyes is so good. It made me discover my love for de Palma AND Nicolas Cage

  16. In the Bathtub of the World by Caveh Zahedi, though it’s full- and not semi-

  17. Has Caveh Zahedi ever made a non-autobiographical film?

  18. Still crazy that 🍉 movie was one of the most popular films in Taiwan. They really seem to have a culture that is serious about cinema.

  19. The Wayward Cloud, right? Lmao it’s also one of the most popular films in the United States.

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