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  1. Tactics Ogre Reborn looks amazing on OLED switch.

  2. For the love of god can they please put FF tactics on switch, or any fucking console? Playing on a phone is janky and I don’t want to get a vita just for that

  3. I feel like we shouldn’t post any mock results with trades involved. The trading system is broken on those sites

  4. I think it’s my man period because my eyes are welling up reading this thread about how good of a man and professional David Wallace is.

  5. We don’t know when Minato learned Flying Raijin to be fair.

  6. He was born with it. Teleported right out of the womb.

  7. I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats because I adore them

  8. Some types are hypoallergenic! My cousin is allergic but is able to have two massive fluff balls

  9. Thank you, I’ll have to look into those and also hypoallergenic dogs. I drew the short end of the stick and am also mildly allergic to dogs :(

  10. Quite unfortunate. Hopefully you can find a critter that works for you. They also have a special type of cat food that helps with allergens

  11. Would this be a good game for someone who hasn’t played a FE game since the really old ones?

  12. FedEx field is still shit to my knowledge. I think it still has a lot of injuries on it

  13. This may be a bad take- but I truly don’t think I see Lamar being as successful anywhere else.

  14. Let Washington pay him. Rivera apparently wants to run 2:1 pass so the only way that’s fuckin happening is if we get a Lamar type qb to run too

  15. Wouldn’t be that bad if it was every Thursday. We’d be getting full weeks in between whereas everyone else not off a bye is playing on a short week

  16. How are the thermals? I’m starting to look into building one myself and a lot of the components I was targeting are in your build. Looks amazing

  17. yo I didnt know your pc build came with a dog what spec is it?

  18. Lost my void baby a few months ago. I’m so sorry for your loss. Let yourself grieve, and know that it gets easier with time, even if nothing can replace your baby. They’ll look over you

  19. New Orleans is in cap hell, there's no way they could afford to pay him. I don't think Miami is in much of an advantageous cap spot either and it looks like the Jets fall somewhere in the middle for next year.

  20. NO is always in cap hell but that doesn’t seem to bother them

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