1. The problem is the solution….perhaps use that crane to put up some perch poles and nest poles for ospreys and other raptors. Create habitat so they don’t use yours. I plan on placing perch poles on our back 40. I wonder how to get someone to donate surplus poles so I don’t have to spend a bunch of cash on them?

  2. My previous family refused to eat any homemade canned food. Now my new family refuses to eat any again. I think salads is the extent of our adventures in the garden.

  3. My son found one in Carson Ca for $6k. The guy is selling them on craigslist, well maintained because they were school buses. No leaks, engine purrs.

  4. How much emission junk does his CA bus have?

  5. I’m learning how to stretch my leash and my dollar

  6. Are you at very high altitude? Or low altitude. That might cause it to need adjustment like a vehicle but I’m not sure.

  7. Always always always have a survey done before putting money on the table.

  8. I hear you….I have looked at a interesting property twice now with a realtor. Both times she showed up with zero paperwork. I still don’t even know what the address is to start looking it up myself. I asked her for paperwork twice. She says he has a bunch of receipts for construction of the building. I should have sat down at a table with her first and insisted on printing out some stuff. Frustrating. The realtor was more interested in petting the horses on the property than helping. Maybe she is waiting to see how serious I am?

  9. We have a HOA and I like it. It has helped keep people and neighbors out. But I’m also looking for my “experimental” property with no HOA nearby so I can build whatever I like.

  10. I’m very interested in backyard habitat. I think there’s a lot one can do. Add water and they will come. But I’m also concerned about mozzies if I dig a pond. Dragonflies get around. Ive seen them in places like cities and deserts. Apparently there’s frogs buried in the ground here in the desert. I hope they show. Have not seen one yet but have only been here a few months.

  11. Why is this kettle any better than any other kettle? Or even a simple pot with a lid to heat water? But it looks cool and I want one lol

  12. The water completely surrounds the fire. it's a water jacket chimney so all of the Heat is going into the water.

  13. Oh, that’s a far out design. I def want one now. Do they make different sizes?

  14. Thanks for posting this as I’m looking at some property that was recently divided up by a family and had little idea how many complications there can be. On the surface it sounds like the owners have the property legally registered (registered shared well, subdivided family property, unfinished house, etc).

  15. You can always sign a contract with 90 days of due diligence to sort all of it out. And of course, title agency. And if the agent doesn’t wanna work with that, find a new property. There’s a reason why.

  16. Thanks. Due to trauma I freeze when it comes to these procedures but I’m aware of my tendency now. So as for help here I’ll just get on with due diligence. My first concern is the funds are tied up for a few months. Im not sure how to do the negotiations and “contingencies”. And I’ll heed your suggestion to move on if necessary. What I don’t understand is how much money I might loose. If I buy title insurance is that all I loose? The cost of the insurance? Thanks.

  17. It depends how much fabrication you can do. Mount a generator under the van. Or build a generator box on a rear door. I’ve added many hitches on the front and back of vehicles for various purposes. And have a energy system in a cargo trailer with solar panels on it. I like cargo trailers.

  18. Most of my friends went overseas for their mates. One found a wonderful mate in Chzeck Republic. Two others found wonderful mates in India. “The best decision I ever made” is what they told me. I lucked out and found a international person in Germany.

  19. Ive done fires under a cast iron bathtub and a steel bathtub. It works pretty good. Cut a piece of foam insulation to fit snuggly in the top and it will heat up a lot faster and stay hot longer. A boat is a lot of water to heat as many others have pointed out. A better way is to build a high performance rocket stove water heater with a titanium heat exchanger coil and circulate this water into the tub. One theoretically could use very little wood this way and not have smoke.

  20. Ive seen these stoves but not lived with a Jotul of any model. What’s involved in rebuilding one? Sounds like a good company if you can get parts. Our house would benefit from a stove in the fireplace we never use. I’d like to have a alternative to this dang propane forced air heater. Does Jogul make a insert? What do you suggest? It’s not very cold here most of the time. Cooling is more important than heating but mountain cold snaps do happen.

  21. It’s partly cultural and family culture also. As well as personality. I lived in 4 countries and it’s worse here in America. I was never into loud places or bar culture. I briefly knew some guys in Florida who would go to a bar and approach people and make it loud and fun (not my idea of fun) then try and get business from other patrons of the bar. Never the less we did not get along. I couldn’t stand them lol. They did make a lot of money that way however. One guy owned a house painting company and the other a security company. I would seldom if ever get a word in. We moved to a extremely quiet place since then with other people who like quiet. We love it. A extreme example is when my partner arranged for my family reunion at a her friends farm. I did not know the owners but we were classmates. My family arrived and the male resident of the farm launched a tirade of words for over a hour. Everyone was tired and shocked so let it happen. It was not my place to correct the owner of the farm. He was so weird and arrogant. My family hardly got to visit with eachother at all. It still seems like a weird dream. Could anyone be so domineering and rude?! I think he might have been pissed off that we came to his farm so was getting his say in. People suck sometimes. There’s also something called a type A personality that might have something to do with it. And extroverted people.

  22. What happened to the roof? I like it. Can I buy it?

  23. Are these a for heating a home or for domestic hot water. Or both. What country are they in. Haven’t seen them in USA.

  24. I had a portable well drilling machine and no land. Unfortunately my life sucked at the time and I had to give it away along with tons of other homesteading stuff. But there are some on eBay last time I checked. Could use it then place it back on eBay perhaps. Ask around the area. And maybe call the soil and water conservation service, USDA. They are in every county and should know the area. I dont recommend hand digging. Ive seen several attempts without success. But you know yourself. It might depend on how determined you are.

  25. In my area you can dig a hole and find water, but it's not really potable. Water that close to the surface will be full of various contaminates, bacteria, runoff, etc. If you get a well drilled for drinking water it has to be through bedrock.

  26. The system is crazy. Irrigation uses masses of water. We are trying to prevent irrigation in our area.

  27. I would definitely suggest redesigning the system layout and wiring. There’s a lot of good copper wiring to salvage there. But it’s done incorrectly and the batteries will probably go out of balance.

  28. I prefer tandem axle after breaking a spring on a deep pothole with a single axle. In theory it seems that it would not have broken if it was tandem. In practice it remains to be seen.

  29. I've heard of one and only one good reason, it was a repurposed shortened truck frame turned into a trailer. He kept the engine intact and was apparently able to engage the trailers engine and front wheels from inside the tow vehicle to help him drive through tough spots offroad. But unless your that level of intense I'd say no.

  30. There is a article of the VW pusher trailer in a old edition of Home Power magazine. It was a difficult build but worked. I’m thinking that boat controls exist already to control motors at the back of the boat. So all the technology is out there easily available.

  31. I moved my 1400 lb square drop 1700 miles with my 98 Jetta tdi. I had to baby it the whole way but made it ok. It would go up hills at 48 mph in 3rd gear. When I got there we picked up a 2011 Tacoma 2.7L pickup. I think it will be perfect for my needs and I can also carry a little gear or use the pickup for our property.

  32. Mesquite are amazing. I disagree with most of these comments.

  33. I’d just feel envy and give a “nice score” high five. I bought my ‘10 sprinter from a company I worked for years ago for $500…after they put $6,000 into injectors, fixed boost leaks and a new turbo. Ended up getting a check for the class action and putting it all into the van…brakes/pads/rotors/sensors, Bilstein suspension all around, starter, battery, glow plugs and serviced trans. All said and done I ended up getting paid $200 to buy a sprinter. 😂

  34. You did a sprinter the way it should be done. Wow what a deal.

  35. I messed up not buying a Honda 1000 when it was offered to me cheap. I have the Honda 2200 but it’s too big sometimes. I’d try the 650 or 300 too.

  36. This is inspirational. Well done. I’m trying to plan a “community” garden and desert gardening research institute. Very small one. I have found seed money and the perfect land. A great start but problem I’m having is I’m blocked learning the legal structure. I’m up against a wall now because I’m new to non profit and all the materials I read are for big low income housing projects or community gardens that already exist. The funding I found is in a tax shelter set aside for a charity. It cannot be used it to buy the land until a non profit is formed and I cannot form a non profit until I have board members. I’m scared to ask anyone because I’ll show how dumb I am at all this legal stuff. Is there anyway to start it on my own at a small scale then let it grow as people see the good work? Thanks. If I stole you thread please ignore it. The moderator deleted my posts because I’m not sure how to do a post about starting out.

  37. Interesting location for the propane. Those wide tires and fenders make it possible. Nice find. Are you taking it out soon?

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