father and son cleaning shower drain

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  1. I don’t believe mine is a reprint but how do I check? It says 2010 Topps on the back so I think it’s a real RC???

  2. It's real. I have the same card. I meant to get it sent to PSA the other day but I forgot about it.

  3. I guessing they discovered her habit of dropping a deuce in the shower and waffle-stomping it down the drain.

  4. My client did this once, he was the last out of the shower, and I seen a big ol log just crammed in the shower drain. I did exactly what this kid did.

  5. Honestly, if this was my setup for a day. I don’t think I’d get much done with a view like that. I’d just be sitting there like.

  6. Just lay on your side and shart a little

  7. Love this so much. Congratulations man. As a big Griffey Jr fan. I’m quite jealous!

  8. Oh I love Griffey too! I was so happy when I pulled him! I just wish it was a licensed product, but at the end of the day a Griffey auto is still a Griffey auto!

  9. Exactly! I came back into the game last summer. I’m trying to get a lot of the 90s inserts plus all his SP and SSP cards 😂

  10. I just like bidding crazy to get the prices up then just stop and let the other people take control

  11. Hey, I think I got that SP you were looking for lol.

  12. I literally was convulsively sharting in my car

  13. But I think this might top that by a mile 😂

  14. Awesome. I love 90s inserts and this is fantastic.

  15. Definitely going to check that out! I appreciate it!

  16. It’s a holy grail type of thing, but a fun historical item for Griffey heads. I’ve seen one exactly once, and never seen one come up for sale. Keep posting as you get more stuff, love seeing these!

  17. I for sure will. I’m hoping to have at least 100 different inserts by next year.

  18. It matches so nicely. Not going to lie

  19. congrats! bought my first slab this year too

  20. Thanks man! I’m happy with the purchase.

  21. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no for me as well lol

  22. That sir is a football card. But wait! Not just any football card that’s a Trevor Lawrence….

  23. It’s not bent on the right corner or warped, the penny sleeve is just ass. 😂

  24. Okay I thought that was Michael Jackson for a second on the right side portrait

  25. Looks like a whataburger wrapper to me. Those are all yellow like that.

  26. It’s literally McDonald’s as you can see the M on the outside of the doorway

  27. I’ve been trying to get a Mike Tyson leaf auto 😂

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