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  1. Info: is he neutered? If the behaviour continues he may possibly developed a urinary tract infection. But barring that issue, be sure to use an enzyme cleaner to remove all trace of excrement and urine. Follow the manufacture’s directions carefully to ensure proper cleaning.

  2. Yes. He is neutered. I just got an enzyme spray today and used it on this last bed he just peed on this evening. He doesn't seem to strain or be in any pain or anything when he goes potty. He didn't make a peep when he peed on the bed. Everything else about him seems completely normal. It only started happening immediately after my dog had his accident. If it is a UTI...super super super weird timing. I will try to get him to the vet just in case. Thank you.

  3. I work for housing and facilities as a student, and I’m just going to let you know this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. IT IS VERY VERY UNLIKELY ANY MOLD IS IN YOUR VENTS. What people see in and around their vents is DUST AND DIRT. Every housing building is tested for mold frequently and the filters in every suite are replaced on a schedule as well. The university knows the risks involved with mold and would NEVER want to risk a lawsuit. If you are feeling sick I CAN NEAR 100% guarantee it is not the fault of any sort of mold in your vents. I agree housing can be very difficult and annoying to deal with but please stop spreading panic on the basis of “there’s stuff on my vents”

  4. You are actually a fucking idiot. Go look at their photo evidence. There's been multiple cases. Housing scum that give 0 fucks about the residents like you are absolutely disgusting.

  5. Oh shit. I have high ADHD and I CANNOT STAND the texture and feeling of lotion and i will gag at stuff with a gel texture. I can't do it. I've tried buying and using lotion many times bcI like the smell but the texture and gross nasty feeling like i just cannot. I get the eebie jeebies man!!

  6. I don't think OP is talking about military/war, but rather in terms of health care, social issues, etc.

  7. Yes, sorry I wasn't very specific. I didn't want to go too heavily into politics and piss people off. But yeah, I'm not thinking in terms of war, that's a whole other massive piece of the puzzle

  8. Yeah, I just wish I was taught the straight up truth but it can never be hat easy, eh? Honestly, I've been saying I hate this country for a while now. I don't hate it, I just don't have a better word. I guess loathe maybe. I'm so tired of all the bullshit. I've stopped standing for the national anthem at events. I can't support a country that literally just stripped women of reproductive rights...and that is only the beggining. Sorry for bringing politics up, but yeah. There's alot of things I dislike about this country. There are some good things though. I hope to learn more about other countries soon 💜

  9. Just remembered, I had a pair of flipflops I'd wear super often in highschool. They were a gift from my best friend and were Rainbows (expensive brand). I'm always SUPER particular eith my stuff and never leave anything behind, always check 5x before i leave an area that I have all my things, etc. I don't know when they could have disappeared because I even wore them in college when I wasn't doing any sports or activities. I've looked goddamn everywhere for those things and I've never found them. Still makes me so mad and so confused!

  10. this shit happened to my dad and I the other day. He was cleaning out the freezer and a whole ass chicken tender popped out of a bag and made a loud clunk on the wooden foor. We searched literally everywhere it could have gone. It never showed up. That was 2mo ago...no smell or anything so I guess the void decided it would be a nice snack lol

  11. Does wearing the headband generally alleviate the headache? Because that may actually be worsening it in this case. Have you noticed a pattern to the fluctuation in the pain? Is it worse at a certain time of day for example, or does it worsen with light/sound?

  12. UPDATE! The headband seemed to be the issue!!! It's now finally gone. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! ❤️💜💙

  13. Ok so the eye strain is less likely/you're less likely to be unconsciously moving your face closer and straining your head/neck to see.

  14. Oh god my posture is ass 😭😭 that might be it thank you lol I gotta work on it!!

  15. Gatorade helps headaches and I cut a lemon and dip the inside part in pink himalayan sea salt if not regular salt is fine. about a teaspoon.....then drink water afterwards. This helps so much with headaches. My husband will get headaches so bad he feels like he's going to throw up and cant get out of bed. This trick helps.

  16. Oh wow that sounds good honestly 🤣 thank you!! I'll definitely try this trick in the future. It thankfully subsided yesterdaym It seems the headband was prolonging my headache. I'll definitely go get checked for high bp if it happens again!

  17. Just adding this: are you well hydrated?

  18. Yep, I was drinking water like crazy thinking that may have been the initial cause. But it seems the headband was the issue, it subsided now thankfully. Thank you!!

  19. I just lost my step momma at 52 due to stage 4 colon cancer. She fought for 5 years, had 93 chemo treatments, countless radiation sessions and surgeries. Biggest badass I willl ever meet in my life. Still hasn't hit me. She had NO warning signs or symptoms for 5-10 years prior. PLEASE go get routinely checked by a doctor even if you don't feel like you need to. 💔

  20. Most of them change every year. They're just students. I've never had a super super strict RA. You'll be fine.

  21. Hello, yes. do the flex plan. I was also a xfer student. If you dont have a car, one of your roommates will and they will inevitably need to go to the grocery store occasionally. Just get your basic necessities there if the vista market doesn't have what you're looking for. Centerpointe food is near inedible. Do not pay for any other plan it's a scam

  22. I graduated in December and didn’t get mine in the mail until late March

  23. I had no idea they were even giving them out:(

  24. I especially like how they wanted me to pay $30 for that shirt with our names on it. They really cant afford to just give us that fifth grade bullshit?!

  25. wtf??? there was a shirt they wanted to charge you for??

  26. This is terrible, it's like the school's housing authority doesn't care about people's property since they rush them out when finals and commencement are going on.

  27. As someone who worked for housing, I can attest that they in fact, do not care whatsoever. Shit, they barely care about the students themselves. They just want money at the end of the day, incredibly sad and unfortunate but true.

  28. Sucks having to get yeeted the last day of finals like geez

  29. Yeah, it's honestly disgusting they do that. Then force some unlucky individuals to finish their finals same day of move out AND graduation...all within a 2 hr period lol

  30. Stick a bandaid over it and graduate!! You’ve worked too hard to let a misclipped nail get you down!! Congrats!

  31. Haha thank you! I'm trying, wore heels yesterday for photos and just about died... tonight will be interesting lol

  32. Is it raised? Looks like a new freckle to me. As long as it doesn't chage in shape, size, or color you should be fine. Just keep an eye on it

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