1. Don’t join in those complain sessions with other colleagues that aren’t happy. It will turn into an echo chamber of misery.

  2. Remove the pillar and see if the house burns down bruv

  3. If I were you I’d hire a structural engineer and not take advice from Reddit

  4. What is your level (you need to be at least 7) and have you chosen a Team? (Valor/Mystic or Hurr Durr)

  5. I'm level 29 but have not chosen a team. It was such a huge decision that I put it off. I have no idea how to pick one or if I should just pick the color that I see around town the most.

  6. Ya you need to pick a team so you can appraise. You should do this so you don’t waste ressources on bad pokemons.

  7. Someone with a 3D scanner should make a solid model (stl) and post it here so we (makers) can 3D print it.

  8. Yaa I was hoping someone in the community had done that or something.

  9. I would just tell the dealer it’s the cargo security shade. That seems to be what everyone refers to it as. They should know what you’re talking about.

  10. I really wanted to avoid the dealer and get the part myself though 😐

  11. Hope he's alright! How long is the recovery process for something like that?

  12. I think it’s pretty routine. I know several people that did it, I’d say a week or two at most.

  13. Damn. What happens when we run out of oil, Pratt?

  14. So the story goes that one day the wife finds a piece of paper with a woman's name and number on it in the husband's pocket. She walks up to him and knocks his lights out with a frying pan. When he gets himself back up he's shouting and screaming "that's a horse woman, I was gonna ring my friend to bet on her for me!", so she apologises. A week passes and boom, she does the same thing, knocks him out clean; "what was that for!!?" he says when he's back conscious again, so the wife's standing there with his phone and she says... "it's your horse, your horse rang".

  15. I use it for evolving. Working on my Melton with them

  16. Don’t use rare candies on Meltan you can make it spawn for 1h every three days my dude

  17. How? I have no idea how to fo that



  20. I think a dull one would still do the trick, just with more splatter for the crowed.

  21. They had issues with regular ones not cutting through so they had to re-arm the guillotine while the sentenced person was still alive. Dull would be even worse.

  22. Veneers little tooth structure is taken off (relative to a crown). We are talking .5-.7mm. Veneers only the front part of the tooth is worked on. They are then slipped over the tooth and cemented on using dental cements (made from resin these days).

  23. Plot twist: The Sydney opera is a Pokémon

  24. I see, well I’d suggest to add more toy variety like buy a bunch of different ones but don’t release them all at once and only keep a certain amount of toys out at once to keep it fresh and rotate.

  25. Rizz makes more sense than “game”

  26. I been asking myself this question for a long time

  27. Yes the trick is to park right at the entrance by the shipping containers

  28. Dude put Pepe in the 1st team, what is this non sense!

  29. Yes, it purrs and calculates

  30. OP says he likes the coffee this machine makes. So what’s your point here?

  31. I cool pasta in the microwave and toss with olive oil and parmigiano

  32. The lack of Mbappé picks is astonishing.

  33. I’m pretty sure either Steve Savidan or Alexander Frei did score 5 against a farmer team

  34. no, you don’t want a high base attack stat, or a high attack iv

  35. Damn have fun with Shuckle then bruv

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