1. You are a makeup artist’s dream canvas!!! 🎨

  2. What you described starts at $4000 a month gl searching else where LA might be too pricey for this budget

  3. You’ll be surprised to know they do exist—I just got news that I missed out on this exact listing. The landlord just informed me that of the six approved candidates, she is going with the one who contacted first for fairness. Sadly, I contacted second. Reaching out to the Reddit community in case another one is out there. GL out there.

  4. Thanks, the current listings are outside the area I’m looking to land in. But I’ll keep my eye out!

  5. Get well soon and thank you for what you do xx

  6. I got into a $2100 2br in Redondo recently. It’s doable but I took over one roommates part of the lease

  7. You’re living the dream, man! Awesome price. Hope I find something like it.

  8. please lmk when u find one of these unicorn units :)

  9. I was nervous to post this because I know it’s nonexistent for a new lease BUT I keep hearing stories about lease takeovers that give me hope. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed 😬

  10. 78% of your DMV registration fee goes to pay CHP pensions. This article is from 2016, it's probably higher now:

  11. 2015 Kia Soul, $21k purchase price, I’m the only owner. $280/year here in San Bernardino County. 160k miles.

  12. This is criminal! Oh wait, it’s California 😖

  13. My uncle is actually the guy who wrote the book the move is based on. His name is Marty Sherwin and he just died this year from cancer. I can’t stress how awesome it is to see one of my uncles books turn into a film. Plus the movie is supposed to be great, everyone should go see

  14. Just borrowed it from the library, what a legacy! You must be proud.

  15. WOW! I don't think I have ever seen Persians at a shelter. Have they already been adopted?

  16. I live in LA and volunteer at a Persian only rescue! They are not adopted yet, and I don’t know how I’m going to part with them when they are.

  17. My mouth dropped when I read your post because I found myself in the same situation. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in a wedding 8 weeks post-op and fly from CA to Philly for it. I ended up backing out because of the travel. For me, it wasn’t about not being able to do it, I’m sure I could muscle through anything. But it came down to whether or not I felt like I was rushing my recovery and potentially jeopardizing progress. Surgery is a massive decision, and while I am very grateful to have had a successful operation, it’s still a risk to your health and ultimately very disruptive for a good two months. Why rush and potentially risk progress?

  18. For me to use short term disability, I had to take 5 days PTO and then the STD could start. Given the paperwork and nonsense associate with it I asked for 2 weeks of STD time. First week I would not have wanted to / be able to work. Second week maybe I could have done it but wouldn’t have been fun. Third week was really overkill but again said paperwork would have been a pain to undo so I just tried to relax. YMMV, 40 year old in decent shape to start with.

  19. I think that’s the path I’ll be going down, too. Did your doctor feel three weeks was overkill?

  20. The only thing the nurse would tell me was “take off as much as you can and still keep your job” which was not helpful advice for someone who struggles to force himself to take a 1 week vacation at times. I told her I was taking 3 weeks, they seemed to be OK with that. Honesty the 3rd week I was bored. I over prepared getting a standing desk and stool, but it was a nice upgrade. My first week back I sat fine and made it through an 8 hour day without issue really.

  21. It sounds like three weeks could be the way to go from what you’re saying. I’m on week two and I’m feeling better but definitely not able to sit for a full eight hr day, so I’m going to push for three weeks at my post op

  22. How’s it going mate? I’m having surgery next Friday and I’d love to hear your experiences. Hope it’s going well! Here’s to happy hips!

  23. It’s day six for me—I was off the pain meds 24 hrs after surgery so the pain is bearable. What sucks is that my glute on my surgery side is all jacked up, super tense, so it’s uncomfortable to sit for too long but of course uncomfortable to stand with crutches for too long, also. Get yourself good ice packs and alternate the ice packs with heating pads—you’ll be grand! Best part about this process was today on my first day of PT where I got a one hour light massage to “retrain my nerves to recognize the difference between pain and touch.” Keep us posted!

  24. Congrats on the awesome progress! I’m stoked anytime someone is improving because I know how long of a road it’s been for most of us to get to surgery.

  25. Eastern medicine suggests heat to bring blood to the area, so while I don’t use heating pads on the actual incision area, I’ve been using them on my low back/glutes and quads. I toss between heat and ice depending on what type of relief I’m looking for. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes!

  26. I hope you have a full and speedy recovery! Also, how’d it go??

  27. Worst part isn’t my leg or hip soreness, it’s my belly. Those opioids and anesthesia really do a number on the intestines!

  28. They truly do! So I hear. Are you taking any Miralax or stool softeners?

  29. I’ve been taking docusate as prescribed (twice a day for the last two days) but even before that I started prepping with smooth lax two days before the surgery. No luck yet 😵‍💫

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