Do you all realize that this sub has a $1.9 BILLION position in GameStop? The fact that no one in the media is talking about this is BULLISH AF!! DRS YO SHIT!

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They want you to feel like $25 is high. They want you feel like $30 is high. They've pummeled us for so long that they're banking on you to get tired and irrational. $30=$120 and $120 is fucking bullshit. A one-week pump isn't good enough anymore. I'm holding for a Tesla-like infinity squeeze.

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  1. I think we will soon see a fake squeeze and then ortex will show SI at zero. Parallel to that a MSM campaign „the apes did it they squeezed the HF“ maybe even one or two of them go down. But I got absolute trust that Apes just gonna laugh and stay on the drill: Buy, Hold, DRS, Shop and post Memes.

  2. Ortex is not a company to trust. Member when they were interviewed and dude had to read from a paper, like instructions from SHFs? They also had some big big glitches.

  3. do you realized this sub spent 3,8B in that position?

  4. the morons of this sub pushed a lot of people away.

  5. Been here for all of it. Not leaving. No matter what.

  6. SEC needs DOJ to visit their HQ and close their pornhub access

  7. just waiting for day 1000 and a full straight line

  8. I think it’s becuase people averaged down at lower prices so average is around 23-25 for most people

  9. this is just past 160 days. Most average is 40-50

  10. If people wanted to see AMC they would be on the designated subreddit. Disregarding the obvious dilution and sell out Aron.

  11. Kenny told me to tell you that this month there wont be a paycheck because every dime is going to be needed to contain this jump in price

  12. RC bought at 25. DFV double down at 38.5. GME c suit has average cost of 55

  13. Hypers never learn they shouldnt hype. The break of overexpecting crashes momentum and price

  14. All I know is that he looks like a mayonaise 5 years in the fridge

  15. Tell me you are net long without telling me you are net long

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