AITA for not letting my friend bring his service dog over

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Lymph nodes can be swollen for lots of different reasons but if it was my dog I know I would also be worried. Testing you can do includes poking it with a needle to collect samples (fine needle aspirated) and submitting them for review. They can also run other tests at the lab on these samples. Sending good vibes!!

  2. Thank you for your commemt. I will schedule an appointment ASAP for the sample testing.

  3. I've used Novolin for years and I get it at Walmart. It's almost $100 cheaper than at other pharmacies because the manufacturer has an exclusive contract with Walmart to sell it for a discount.

  4. Could you tell me what insulin he is on, his dosage and weight? Also what is he eating and how often? Any snacks or treats between meals? Has the insulin dose ever been adjusted more than once in a week? The ultrasound is a good idea. It sounds like your dog could have insulin resistance, which is caused by an underlying condition such as Cushing's disease. His readings should not be that high after months of insulin therapy. Uncontrolled glucose will lead to weight loss. This can not be stopped until sufficient glucose regulation is achieved.

  5. He’s on Vetsulin at 13 doses, currently 53 lbs. He eats two meals a day, morning and evening, previously on blue Buffalo supplemented with boiled chicken. He does get a chicken piece of two for snacks after walks. I’ve always waited a week between upping the insulin level, at the beginning two, but he’s now at the upper limit of the dosage the vet feels comfortable giving him at that weight.

  6. 13 units is a very small dose for a 53 lb dog. That's only 1 unit above the starting dose for his weight. I don't understand why your vet feels uncomfortable at 13. As long as you continue monitoring and slowly increasing his insulin, the chance of hypoglycemia is very low. I'm not saying your vet is wrong to be cautious, especially since so many are not. But I don't think you have anything to worry about at such a small dose. Also, some dogs require a higher insulin dose than others. My diabetic takes 12.5 units of Novolin N and she weighs only 15 lbs. It took 9 months of careful testing and increases to get to that point. It's good that you are seeing 300s at least. That means the insulin is working. I think he just isn't getting enough.

  7. Don't do what what I'm currently doing. I have stomp texture and it tested positive for crystalline asbestos so scraping was out of the question. I decided to skim coat. After 4 coats, countless bags of compound and an insane amount of work it's finally looking good, but I definitely wish I had just covered it with drywall instead. You don't need to do anything to the popcorn texture if you plan on covering it with something such as plywood, bead board, drywall, etc. The drywall would be the most economical option. The reason I didn't go that route is because I don't have anyone to help and I can't afford to hire it out. If you have an extra set of hands and aren't intimidated by the work, definitely go with the drywall. Even if your ceiling doesn't contain asbestos and you decided to scrape and skim, that's a really big job. Drywall is pretty cheap, roughly $11 for an 8x4 sheet of 1/4". Joint compound is about $12/ bag and doesn't go very far especially if you need more than one coat.

  8. Diabetic alert dogs alert to changes in blood sugar to prompt the handler to take action BEFORE something such as unconsciousness from hypoglycemia happens. His friends aren't going to be able to detect changes in his blood glucose.

  9. I have yoga mats down for my old girl and they do not slip. The mats have a surface that sticks to the floor sort of like like a non slip area rug.

  10. If he's small enough, you can try a grooming hammock. I bought one for my dog when she was first diagnosed to keep her from wiggling during injections. She's not a biter otherwise I would have used a recovery cone to prevent her from turning her head. Another thing is to prepare the insulin in the syringe about 15 minutes or so before the injection so it isn't cold. Cold insulin stings pretty badly. Also make sure the bevel on the needle is facing up. This makes the injections virtually painless. A smaller needle size can be a big help too, especially in smaller dogs. I use 31g, 6mm needles. Following all of these tips, my dog doesn't notice the injection anymore and I no longer need the grooming hammock.

  11. Hey my puppy is going through the same thing, can you please share what you did?

  12. I would never recommend attempting to treat parvo at home unless you absolutely have absolutely no other choice. Survival rates are very high in dogs that are hospitalized. If you can't afford hospitalization, a veterinarian can provide IV fluids that you can administer at home + antibiotics and medications for nausea and diarrhea. This won't cost very much. Your local humane society may have resources to help or can direct you to a low cost veterinary clinic. If your circumstances are like mine and your parents are refusing treatment for the puppy, call animal control. If you're in the US, it's illegal to deny medical attention to a sick or injured animal.

  13. Ahh, Visible-specific phones are most likely SOL on the new plan. Did it say the phone was compatible when checking IMEI?

  14. I swapped for this phone so it's definitely compatible.

  15. When did you try the first time (I’m guessing before last Aug) and when was the phone swapped?

  16. The phone was swapped 5 days ago. You're correct, I tried Visible in July.

  17. The only drops he’s on are ones called Maxitrol, but he’s been on them since the surgery in early November and blood sugar readings were normal in November and December.

  18. Maxitrol does contain both an antibiotic and steroid, but if he was doing well on the drops after his surgery I wouldn't expect the drops to suddenly start affecting him.

  19. I'm going to order the Alphatrak, I'm not sure if we can link here and I'm outside the US, so just want to confirm if

  20. A lot of people freehand poke the inner lip with larger dogs. I've never tried that personally, but it's allegedly painless. I could never get blood from the ear at all. I couldn't get enough blood anywhere until I got a human lancing device called the "Genteel". It has a suction to pull out blood and it's completely painless. I've tested on myself and didn't feel a thing. I believe they make a pet version now too. Warming the testing area can also make a big difference. I have a small battery powered hand warmer for this purpose. It really helps if I'm testing when my dog is asleep or hasn't been active for a few minutes and there isn't good blood flow. I was wasting so many strips trying to test her when she was first diagnosed, so I understand your frustration. It also sucks when you're trying your best, but you have to poke your poor dog over and over & they don't understand why. My girl doesn't mind getting tested anymore. I can do it while she's sleeping and she doesn't even move.

  21. My old girl woke up and couldn't put weight on her front leg. I called the vet at her personal number absolutely panicked at 6 am on a Sunday morning. My dog has conditions that make it more likely for her to suffer a stroke, so I was very concerned. I walked in and immediately placed her on the floor to show the vet that she couldn't bear weight on her leg...and she starts walking around normally. After doing a few tests it was determined her leg had fallen asleep. $800 in tests that I insisted on because I worry way too much. She's currently recovering from old dog vestibular disease (basically what your dog has, but from age instead of an ear infection). They definitely keep us on our toes.

  22. My old girl is developing cataracts and her opthalmologist recommended attaching bells to socks or slippers so she knows where I'm at in the house. I actually got a bracelet type thing with bells on it from Amazon and plan to wear it around my ankle when she gets to the point that she can't see well anymore. Blind dog halos are also great for helping them navigate/not bump into things and build confidence. Dogs don't have great vision to begin with, with the exception of sighthounds. Schnauzers have 20/75 vision, which is not great. They were bred for their sense of smell and "see" the world with their nose. They also have excellent hearing. This isn't as big of an adjustment for him as it would be for a human. I know it's difficult not to put our human emotions and perspective on them, but try to keep in mind that he isn't feeling as down about this as you are.

  23. Not out of excitement, but I’ll “read” an entire page before I realize I’m zoning out and haven’t actually been processing the words I’ve been looking at.

  24. I do this too. It's very frustrating and can make reading feel like a chore.

  25. As long as it wasn't exposed to temperatures above 77 degrees, it will be fine and can be placed back in the refrigerator for continued use.

  26. That’s cool, maybe someone in here will know - the house I bought had used blue stain or paint in the past, I hate the look and want stain the deck into a normal wood like Color, can I stain over it or ?

  27. You could sand the deck and use an opaque gel stain, but I'm not sure how that would look. Traditional deck stain isn't going to work at all unless you remove the paint first.

  28. Most human glucometers are not calibrated for use in pets. There is a difference in how glucose is stored in the two species' blood/plasma.

  29. You should contact a legal aid lawyer ASAP. Your husband can't just forgo his obligation to support his family and the fact that he did will give you a major leg up in the divorce. He will be responsible for child support and maybe spousal support as well. You are also entitled to half of the assets acquired during the marriage. Do you know if your area has a diaper bank?

  30. She's definitely mixed and looks nearly identical to an Aussie x Heeler that I know irl.

  31. You aren't "passive", you're enabling your husband to abuse your 3 year old baby. This is abuse and if it continues your daughter will suffer lifelong consequences.

  32. I’m not totally positive but with some conditions like kidney and liver those organs filter toxins out of the body. When they shut down toxins build up and affect everything including the brain. I could be totally wrong but if I am I’m side someone will correct me. This is the Internet after all

  33. Yes this is exactly it. Those toxins seem to especially affect the hippocampus.

  34. Liver failure also. My moms mind was gone towards the end. Her personality wasn’t the one she had before the end

  35. Cognitive decline is very common with kidney failure too.

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