1. It’s worth mentioning that the upstream Netatalk project has moved revision control to GitHub now. The SourceForge page just points back to GitHub.

  2. If someone reads this old thread and is curious how this ended up, we now have a proper upstream 2.2.7 release available with all of the aforementioned fixes included:

  3. I’ve fixed issues with this era mac that beeps but nothing shows on screen by adjusting the brightness on the analog board. Sometimes that’s all it needs.

  4. This is because when the CRT tube gets used a lot, it loses brightness and needs more voltage to produce an acceptable picture. This is what the drive pot on the analog board controls.

  5. Try spraying some contact cleaner into that potentiometer and twist it back and forth a dozen times.

  6. I bought an iBook G4 a few weeks back that seemed to be used by a teen from 2005-2007. (Judging by the file dates)

  7. The Anarchist’s Cookbook was kind of a well known meme and media outrage phenomenon in the late 90s. I remember a friend found a copy on an ftp sever somewhere and we glanced though it as the curious kids we were. No bombs made however.

  8. A Performa 476 containing ten plus year’s worth of personal letters, extremely forthcoming diary entries, evidence and lawyer correspondence for ongoing lawsuits against medical institutions and government agencies, medical records, friends and family contact information… and an unfinished autobiography containing serious allegations of misconduct and human experiments by the US military in the 60s and 70s…

  9. By Spitz I assume you mean the Japanese Spitz, and not one of the other dozens of Spitz breeds?

  10. I see the sudo commands, do you need to run this script on Linux or is there a way to do it on Windows. I have Python 3 installed on my main windows environment.

  11. It ought to work on Windows too, but I haven’t tested it. It uses the very common Flask and requests libraries.

  12. So I have somewhat of a proxy running. I downloaded something known as WRP that runs on my main computer on port :8080. It renders the website into an image file with an image map and then sends it back to the windows 3.1 computer. From there, you can click through the image map for all the links and then it has a special input box for keystrokes so you can even type into things. Its rather cumbersome but impressive for what it is doing.

  13. My proxy works differently. It transcodes html contents to something that a vintage browser can handle (most of the time). It retains embedded images, but doesn’t try to convert webp or other formats that old computers don’t know how to decode. It completely drops included css and JavaScript source files.

  14. After she turned 2. Now she has a routine. She knows that if she’s good and calm she’ll get treats, and have a long fun walk in the park in the evening.

  15. It's actually Windows 3.11 windows for work groups.

  16. Thad explains it! I’ve been trying to set up networking with 3.1 on my physical 386 PC recently and failed spectacularly, too. :)

  17. Yep. Same issue for all compact B&W Macs.

  18. Strictly speaking, the video is relevant for SE/30 / Classic / Classic II / Performa 200. Earlier B&W compact Macs are generally less prone to failure, and have different failure states.

  19. If it’s an image of optical media, use Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Utility instead.

  20. My mini girl had soft stool problems when she was younger. What worked for us was Go! Solutions (meat or fish, didn't matter), small amounts of fresh fruit for "breakfast" (for the dietary fibers!), and strictly dried meat treats (chicken breast, lamb's lungs etc.)

  21. If you haven’t done so already, it will also need some internal maintenance! The Classic’s logic board and analog boards will with 99.99% certainty have had their electrolytic capacitors leak all over the place at this point.

  22. The SE, Plus, and 128/512 are the exceptions. OP's issue is not a recapping issue

  23. FWIW also Rev.1 Mac II logic boards that used high quality through hole caps. :)

  24. Do rev 1 mac II boards have the soldered batteries? Asking cause Im hunting for a II and want to be aware of things.

  25. Yes, I believe all Mac IIs have two soldered 3.6V half-AA lithium batteries soldered onto the logic board.

  26. As you yourself pointed out, only images of install disks are of use to people, images of an already installed app, not so much.

  27. This is not true for most classic Mac software. An installed app can be copied to another system and in 99% of the cases work perfectly, as long as it’s compatible with the architecture and system software version. There are rare cases where an app relies on extensions or control panels that you’d have to bring over manually as well, or expect a particular QuickTime version or Game Sprocket library etc, but that’s something it’ll probably tell you very quickly when you try to launch it without them.

  28. The one thing to watch out for when acquiring used security CRT monitors is that there may be insane burn-in caused by, well, the monitor displaying 99% the same video footage for years on end.

  29. This looks beautiful! It's be awesome if the developers made a BackBit compatible package. :)

  30. Just the keyboard for IIc rarely ever shows up for sale on its own; you’d need to wait and buy and whole unit being sold for parts. The original keyboard isn’t bad at all if you fix it up, check out this thread:

  31. I came here to say this. The hairpin keyboard isn't bad with proper care.

  32. Vintage Computer Center is a good option for sure!

  33. It’s ok, as long as it was shot with a VINTAGE webcam.

  34. Yes it does indeed. Opera Mobile is about a million times better than IE Mobile though. I worked at Opera Software at the time, and behind the scenes Microsoft kept trying to lobby/bully OEMs not to bundle Opera with their devices because it made IE look bad. ;)

  35. It certainly was a million times more usable day-to-day. As I recall, Opera Mobile had some sort of server-side rendering engine. Or maybe I'm remembering that wrong?

  36. You’re thinking of Opera Mini. It transcodes web contents to OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language) on the server side. The drawback is that any script execution or CSS transformations requires a server round trip.

  37. If that RGB monitor is included, and everything is in working condition, you could get $500 on eBay if you clean them up. Even more if you sell them separately. In particular the IIgs keyboard and RGB monitor are fairly sought after.

  38. This article only talks about the original Japanese project. You probably want to look at this instead:

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