1. I like how you said nothing about how you feel and he’s like “I understand how you feel like that!”

  2. I think a smaller 3bet pre was in order and would’ve accomplished what you want without overplaying the hand. As played let it go.

  3. Limp behind or jam all in preflop. Figure out the ranges you want to do this with yourself that’s all the free advice I can give. Really easy to farm EV in a game like this but variance determines the result on a single session basis.

  4. Wow you got hosed. I would’ve said 1st and second give me $100 more each (so you get $500) or we keep going.

  5. Play games where you are dealt 4, 5, or 6 cards. You’ll find more “playable” hands lol.

  6. Your grandfather is super rich, but he's very old. You're visiting him in another state, so this is probably the last time you'll ever see him. He wants to "teach" you poker.

  7. Call him down and muck even if I hit the Q then smile and nod as he explains why he played AA like he did. Gotta try and up the inheritance.

  8. Just got back from my standard weekend session there. Great chips and action.

  9. Nope! Bunnies just go potty while they eat, so you put her hay in her litter box. Boom! Instantly trained rabbit.

  10. So they don’t have a balanced pooping range at all? Just shit while they eat? SMH sounds exploitable.

  11. Call if you think your suit is coming, fold if you don’t.

  12. In a live game I 4-bet shoved when I thought i had aces

  13. At least you balanced your 4 bet range.

  14. Bro he was priced in he already had 3.5 BBs invested! And they were DOUBLE sooted.

  15. Sorry to break it but you’re a fish on a heater. The ONLY hands that don’t have egregious mistakes in this post are the two where you had AAxx.

  16. Just ask villian “did you hit a set?” They legally have to tell you so you can fold.

  17. You were getting the right price to call. Even if he only every has sets calling is nearly breakeven. Include a few combos of 99-JJ and it’s a good call.

  18. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

  19. Yeah if facing an all in and you think you’re beat usually just tip the dealer, pay for food/drinks, masseuse, any debts you have, etc. all out of your stack. This will give you better odds to call.

  20. Sorry no one here will help, care, or feel bad. Better luck next time.

  21. Probably because people open to $15 or something lol.

  22. You’re gonna have a pretty tough time finding a low limit cash game in Vegas. /s

  23. How can I tell if the lump on my testicles is cancerous or benign? I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about but idk

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