1. I dated a woman who had a small dog that would jump into bed and get very agitated when I was fucking her. I'm sure in some small part we aren't together anymore because having an angry dog growling with its nose in my ass wasn't very sexy.

  2. Bro, that ship has sailed. You'll never have your twenties back again. You can accept it and move forward with what sounds like a very fulfilling relationship, or you can go chasing some shit that in the end doesn't mean anything because you want to. The better question is why she should stick around when she's not good enough for you?

  3. For me, it's 10-12 years. I feel like if it gets too far apart we aren't culturally relevant to each other and that would bother me. The years between 12-20 are so critical to who we are that someone who experienced those years in a very different era would be an issue.

  4. LOL that's some incel stuff you're smoking.

  5. LOL, incels and Red Pillers are the same, except some are better able to coerce someone into having sex with them. If you're going to espouse their dogma, got to learn to deal with it, bruh. 😂

  6. Why you said that? I love so much my partner so don't want to lose him.

  7. You also deserve someone who loves you that much in return. If he does, then when you talk about what's on your mind, he will listen. If he doesn't love you that much and you tell him and he leaves, you're better off without him.

  8. The bottom line is that women are not nearly as choosy as you all claim. Your unfuckability is on you, not women.

  9. I've had sex a couple of times in college, I'm aware it's not an impossible task. But the game is heavily skewed against us, and makes partnering up way more difficult than it should be.

  10. If you see skew, it's not "the game", it's your perspective that's skewed. Maybe stop treating it like a game.

  11. I like to put in some effort when meeting for the first time. Recent haircut, trimmed beard, nice shirt and jeans, actual shoes. After spending time with someone enough that we are comfortable with each other, I think it becomes okay to be a bit more casual (my default wear around home is a t-shirt and athletic shorts, because comfort matters most in my space) but I think it's good to look nice when going out, especially in the evening.

  12. I have anxious attachment, so it's really critical for me in relationships to feel wanted and appreciated on a regular basis...that said, if I'm into a woman there is no way I'm going to demand she chase me, she's going to know I'm into her and only her and while I don't think "chasing" is really healthy on either side, she's going to feel my interest. This dude just sounds like a narcissist with a side of megalomania, which probably helped him get to where he is financially, but he sounds like a nightmare to be in a relationship with.

  13. Isn't "dating" an option between FWB and "in a relationship"? Maybe do that for a couple of months and then see if she's ready to be exclusive, if you'd like to pursue that?

  14. Thanks for setting an example. Other women, take note: you can do better

  15. Other men, take note: this is not how you thank a woman.

  16. You should 100% move on, and the way to do that is to first understand that he's a piece of shit for ghosting after six months of dating, without being man enough to tell you he's out, and you are far better off dating other adults. He clearly isn't one. Get out there and find the kind of relationship you want and deserve, with someone who respects you.

  17. I'm trying, believe me!! Yeah he is mid-40s and no doubt will have another woman lined up already.

  18. 100% he's already talking to someone else. That's what "I don't have to explain myself" is about.

  19. Not weird. My last relationship messed me up a bit and I haven't dated in over six months. And it kind of scares the shit out of me. Sometimes the idea of just getting to know someone is really appealing even though the impetus with OLD is "you must meet me now or I'm gone!" It feels like people are in such a hurry these days to meet and discard or meet and fall crazy in love. Not so much for the meet and talk and learn and maybe discover something amazing.

  20. This is exactly how I feel. The only dating site I'm on is FB dating. It's been 2 months since I decided to venture out into the dating world again after being married for 20 yrs and widowed almost 2 yrs ago. Last weekend a guy's profile said "just looking for a good friend". I liked. He immediately liked back and messaged me and just a few messages in he was asking me out. I mentioned the only wanting a friendship but he instantly wanted a relationship. I ignored him for 2 days. Felt kinda bad because I have a big heart. He asked today if I was still willing to be friends. I said friends yes, more than no. And within minutes he was asking to drive 3 hours to meet me for coffee and wanting us to become BFFs. And to also meet and travel together and maybe eventually more.

  21. Good for you for establishing firm boundaries, it sucks that he seems to be testing them right from the first conversation. Unfortunately, that's probably going to continue.

  22. That's the problem with the whole notion of wanting to be approached in real life. It's the jerks that the women wouldn't want to date who are more likely to do most of the approaching, while the type of men women might be more interested in are less likely to do the approaching as a result of trying to be respectful.

  23. Exactly. For every woman here asking what to do to get men to approach, there are ten others talking about being approached and being all "yuck, dude...I was just trying to buy some coffee creamer and bagels." I'd rather err on the side of respecting their space and time in public.

  24. That's pretty much the textbook definition of toxic masculinity. It's a good thing I don't define my manhood based on what others think.

  25. Happy Birthday! May your next year be amazing! 🥂

  26. Yeah, pretty often. I'll see someone who is crazy attractive in my age range and fits other criteria I'm looking for and shake my head like no way she'd be interested in me...left swipe.

  27. It wouldn't be a big deal for me, if there was some reciprocation. The important thing is that I get my partner off, hopefully she'd be willing to do the same, but it's not like a hard requirement. Chances are in my experience, she's probably more likely to cum anyway with fingers or tongue than PIV sex.

  28. My dad and brother are Trumpers, and I hear all the time about how bad it is that car companies are going electric, the cars suck, charging sucks, electricity is made from coal so it's not cleaner, how expensive they are, blah blah blah. It's just another right-wing hate boner some of them have.

  29. This is why I am pretty open about my politics in my profile, and in apps that allow people to specify theirs, I try to avoid anyone on the right or sometimes even moderates if I get a right-leaning vibe. I don't have time for people living in a different reality.

  30. I’m not in a position where I could afford therapy, nor do I think it would actually do much for me.

  31. Yeah, I thought that at your age. 25 years later I'm glad to report that I was terribly wrong. Just sucks I could have done it long before.

  32. I am unapologetically a man. I don’t blame women for my problems.

  33. Unapologetically a jackass is more like it.

  34. It's kind of a catch-22 for me. I'm much happier in a relationship, but I'm also very anxious about the potential for pain after the person I was sure was the love of my life abruptly dumped me in December. I feel like I'm ready to try again, but damn if it doesn't scare me shitless.

  35. It might be tricky to find someone outside of online. When I dated in my teens before I got married, I would meet girls and ask them out but that was in the early 90s. These days, I'm not going to bother a woman in a public place so the only way it might happen is if we were at the same friend's party or barbecue or taking a class together and there was direct and obvious flirting. Otherwise, online is the way to go since people there are actually looking to meet someone. That said, I don't think you'll have trouble finding someone in this age group who wouldn't be okay with dating for a month before sex. Obviously, some people want to jump right in, but not all of us. If I am looking for a relationship, I'm okay with getting to know someone and making sure they are comfortable before we get physical.

  36. I'm a dude, and I'm fine with paying, splitting, or alternating. If I always pay, there will likely be fewer dates and maybe less expensive options, as I have quite a few expenses as a single dad in an expensive state who also pays child support. I will say there is something sexy about a strong, confident woman grabbing the check from time to time.

  37. NTA, you fought a little dirty, but one thing people absolutely cannot be expected to put up with is someone talking shit about their immediate family. Period.

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