1. Almost like reality is more complex than you think? 🤔

  2. The thing is that if you share a religion one would assume that you also share values..

  3. I think there are probably big big difference between a German and a Gabonese Catholics even if the share the same religion lol

  4. Heterosexuality is the default modus operandi. 95% of the people on this planet are heterosexual. It’s not being shoved down anyone’s throats.

  5. It's being shoved down the throat of LGBT people's according to your standard

  6. Look at the average size of Americans. Do you see them walking or riding a bike a store. They will just buy mobility scooters to haul them around the city.

  7. Maybe Americans are bigger in aorta because they can't do things without using a car?

  8. Numenera/One Piece, Death stopped working properly too proccupied fighting mega-kaiju under the sea that want to eat the world.

  9. Wakanda had all this technology and advanced weapons and yet they haven't lifted a finger when dudes with muskets conquered the continent, who's the real villain?

  10. Did you watch the first movie? It's literally the main plot line

  11. That question could apply to any race. What is black heritage? Asian? Latino? What are they inheriting?

  12. Well black people in america are inheriting the unique social condition of century of oppression and slavery, that togheter to their resistance to it, forged a new cultural identity, similar thing for irish-american or asian-american for example

  13. Um…are you implying that cultural heritage solely applies to perceived “marginalized” groups? Like no one in the world has cultural heritage unless it stems from oppression? White is just a blanket term right now to describe anyone of European descent, and individually we inherit various holidays, foods and traditions from specific regions within those countries.

  14. Absolutely not, norwegian-american aren't discriminated and they have cultural tradition as you have demostrated, it's not a white tradition it's a norwegian one.

  15. The animosity that some people have toward anyone suggesting peace and compromise really speaks to the fact that they - or at least some very powerful people - are very happy about this war.

  16. You are right, we should reward Russian aggression this will surely encourage peace in the region, like when we did nothing after Crimea

  17. Ma siamo tanto bravi con la burocrazia inutile, che ci vuole a trovare il cavillo e lasciare la ONG abbordata per tot mesi?

  18. Bisogna rispettare le leggi tranne quando ci danno fastidio

  19. If no one comes for them, they will eventually stop sending ships. It's almost encouraged to send terrible ships cause they know they will be saved once it starts sinking

  20. They will always try to traverse it's simply the only way to make the passage, many come to shore and many more come to shore whiteout being detected

  21. So your saying Europeans should have colonized Africa even harder?

  22. What are the conditions of the original inhabitants of north America now?

  23. So you travel through Italy, France, Germany and Denmark, and finally you come to Sweden to apply.

  24. Who's running it? Church of Abadar? A pit fiend or some other devil?

  25. I think you need to give us a little bit more info to work with here.

  26. Event will happen after the action but the auction it's not itself fundamental for the story, nor are the item for sale, I think it would fun for the player to be allowed to participate in some way.

  27. I think that's a big problem with working for companies that are large. Being your own boss gives meaning to work. You're not working on someone else's idea, it's yours. It's easy to find pride in that and work overtime to see your ideas or creations flourish. I feel like people back in the medieval days might have had a lot harder work but probably took much more pride in their job despite that.

  28. You realise the vast majority of immigrants are also working class, yes?

  29. But they are working class of the wrong color /s

  30. Interesting. Where are you from? It's pretty much a staple summer drink for every kid here in the US.

  31. Ironically the one thing that's very similar across most of western Europe are Christian democratic parties, which were a very successful effort to get all the old fascists back into politics.

  32. Christian democratico party existed well before fascism

  33. Uh, pretty sure motherhood is defined by biology.. hence the word MOTHER.

  34. So a woman who adopt a child isn't a mother?

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