How the Market Maker/Darkpool killed the 3/29 $AMC Rally

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Poll Shows Majority of US Voters Blame Corporate Profiteering for Inflation

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  1. It gets worse as time goes on…with sun exposure the colour lightens quite a bit. Mine no longer even remotely matches. Way too expensive for what you get. Return now👍

  2. Had lag yesterday despite 150mbs down / up speeds... had to stop playing unfortunately and switch games.

  3. You and your friends should just buy a place together and skip the rental market.

  4. I mean…his parking job is not wrong. It’s not necessarily right, but it isn’t wrong either. If my flight was early enough and it was also dark in the lot…I could see myself relying on the cinderblock rather than the poorly marked lines.

  5. Has PP ever elaborated on what specific policies he means when he says "woke"?

  6. As if Trudeau has been anything but vague his entire political career - including his cabinet ministers.

  7. Same problem for me. I’ve learned to deal with it but turning signals are pretty important for safety on the road…this should be fixed as quickly as they fixed the heat pump issue in January/February this year.

  8. I also got one…all my plates are up to date.

  9. Looks awesome with the black accents

  10. Mine is like that too. On the plus side, it’s an easy way for me to know which white model 3 is mine when it goes to the dealership.

  11. They will never let it get to even $1,000 per share…every time the stock starts to run now it gets halted and the hedgies adjust their algorithms and bury it.

  12. They probably stopped producing the parts required to fix model 3s pre-heat pump…with the supply chain issues I can see that being the case.

  13. If this is the case, I wish they would just be honest and say they don't have any parts. With warmer weather, they must be getting more and more of these problems showing up at service centers. This problem most likely existed over the winter but not noticeable until it got a little warmer.

  14. Thats partially how I feel about the heat pump issue through the winter on newer models! I got my LR M3 in December and it was instantly taken to the shop for 3 weeks due to no heat. They fixed it with an OTA update but I dont believe it addressed the true issue...they knew that all they have to do is get through until April and then it'll take another 6 months before they hear of complaints again. At which point, perhaps they can truly fix the super manifold design and properly replace.

  15. Based on the news in North America, you’d think Canada and US also get a lot of fertilizer from Russia…

  16. Dont you see that its the news outlets writing and promoting the stories?... They want people like you to hate are being played like a fool for getting angry about it.

  17. I had this happen frequently recently. I wiped down the opening rod (don’t know the word) because I thought maybe there was dirt that was tripping the sensor; like resistance = stop closing or opening.

  18. Anyone know how a Canadian citizen would go about purchasing I bonds?

  19. Become a citizen of the USA. You need a USA social security number

  20. Do you know any Americans that will marry an already married man? I’d like to leave Canada anyways lol.

  21. Something doesnt make sense, if it was really at 40% it wouldnt drop to 0% in a few days. Even if Sentry Mode is on it will only drop to 20%.

  22. Yeah, sentry turns off at 20% battery - if Im not mistaken.

  23. Mine is like that too. only on one side. I think the door is a tad bit low. That being said, I haven't had any water issues, though it can be annoying in the winter when the water freezes inside the seal pocket.

  24. I wonder what would happen if all retail just sold all their stocks and took their money out of the stock market. There should be a new exchange for Retail investors without dark pools and market makers lol.

  25. Tesla recommends having a qualified technician calibrate the lights. I was getting flashed every night when I took delivery. Tesla recalibrated the lights soon after and I never got flashed again.

  26. How much was the price to charge? I’m hearing it’s gone up significantly over last year.

  27. I hear you but at what point are we simply speeding towards a cliff?

  28. I doubt that it’s going to increase 50% every year even if rates didn’t rise. Some metro dwellers realized that condo living is a nightmare during a pandemic. However new detach home build rates are lower than ever…simple supply and demand. It’s an intensive year for competition but it will level out as the temporary demand spike ends.

  29. Too broad of a poll. It depends on sector. Anything imported has seen a steep rise in container rates which is bringing the price up. Most businesses thought it would be “transitory” so they absorbed the MARGIN LOSS rather than raise prices. Now that we know it isn’t transitory, businesses have no choice but to raise prices. It is a big hassle to try and raise prices, most suppliers don’t do it unless they need to. If you want to blame Walmart, Apple, etc that’s fine, but I’ll say it again, anything imported costs A LOT more in import freight compared to three years ago.

  30. Did you contribute this data to the EV hit piece news where EV costs $0.35 per mile?

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