1. I litteraly do feel the same. there are some people I just do not fucking care about and, honestly, I find it hard even to fake I care.

  2. I've done that before quite a few times, though I always try to hold it back

  3. I'm actually interested in getting one too, and also have straight, fine hair. From what I can tell, they require a lot of styling to get the shaggy, wavy look if you naturally have straight hair. I'm not one to really style my hair on a daily basis so I'm worried it might not be the cut for me 😅 I've also read suggestions to look at straight wolf cuts to see what they look like unstyled.

  4. I tried to look for them but I couldn't find anything, that's the only thing I've been doing today.

  5. The color is honestly fantastic and, if I had to say the truth, you look stunning like that.

  6. It's basically the same thing, no one really cares which one you use as long as you use it right. Probably "ce l'hai un ragazzo" it's simply more 'complete' and the translation would be a little different.


  8. I'm not gonna disagree because I like some just- I'm a bit confused about INTJ with ISFP, INTP with INFJ and ENTJ with ESFP.

  9. I did this in real life because they said I was too old to go on the swing.

  10. I don’t think so. What is more than obvious is your relationship that happens to be quite toxic.

  11. You seem quite young. I hope you guys get a better relationship in the future (if that is what you want) 🤷‍♀️

  12. That's surprising. INFPs are like one of the best personality types

  13. Woah as an ENTP who was married to an INFP, this hits home…

  14. ESFPs are known for being the artistic type yet you gave us the most boring/uninteresting aesthetic.

  15. ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed hence why the medication might not work for him, doesn’t give him any excuse to post this shit

  16. I don't think that Dream posted this, unless you are referring to the interview with Antony Padilla.

  17. Happy to talk about it, thanks for asking! I ended up doing more research (well, googling) into other forms of synesthesia, so it was good for both of us 👍

  18. You’re Welcome! If my Tri-Type changes, for whatever reason, I will let you know! 😁

  19. Uh- I think my Tritype will probably ruin your life, but that's your choice, not mine!

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