1. I know it's not what this this article is about (tangential maybe), but I have absolutely zero faith that the citizens assembly is going to culminate with any common sense recommendations around drugs. People in this country seem to be by and large still living in the 1950s when it comes to drugs. A colleague the other day told me they smoked a joint once with a friend and woke up two days later in someone else's house. With a straight face they said that.

  2. Watch the assembly and it might change your mind. At the last session there was visible outrage from the citizens as to what has been happening in regards to drug policy

  3. Not sure if you actually read the article or not but the entire article is about people believing (Not wanting to believe) they are consuming cannabis edibles when they could be containing synthetic cannabinoids with much greater risks.

  4. Exactly, it's like they want to keep fucking it up. If they had half a brain between them they would accept any changes they could, it would at least give them something to blame that's not themselves of it gets badly handled.

  5. And I believe a change in these laws would help the gardaí in the long run.

  6. 100% agree with you. That was my experience growing up and all my friends.

  7. I don't want to register to read the article but I am curious how the Gardaí found the weed in his home?

  8. It doesn't say why they raided his house

  9. Because it's easy. This young lad was a student and an actor. He's not gonna potentially assault the guards and he will likely cooperate fully with them. He's an easy target.

  10. It's absolutely ridiculous reading headlines about the gardaí not policing the far right burning down camps with immigrants but at the same time they are doing this to young people.

  11. I didn't say MD is more potent, I spoke for myself and how I feel about it

  12. Sorry I thought I made it quite clear that I am speaking only from my own experience multiple times

  13. I'm not an activist just someone very interested in the subject due to my criminalisation for petty amounts of cannabis. I've been around cannabis and people who use it for a pretty decent amount of time so I believe my anecdotal evidence is as valid as yours

  14. That's class. One of the many things i love about our city. The wildlife around the river is unreal. Otters, seals, kingfishers saw a few dolphins going up the Lee last year.

  15. Not really when cocaine and heroin are purified synthesised products from a plant and cannabis is literally just a plant

  16. Not sure why you're being a little aggro because I replied to a comment about inflated cannabis prices and continued that conversation.

  17. What a weird argument you're trying to make. We'll leave it at that.

  18. I prefer tisent because tisent your balls and tisent your arse

  19. The war on drugs has seriously damaged the relationship between garda and the communities of Ireland, particularly poor working class communities. How much longer will we keep doing the same thing and expect different results?

  20. Can't agree with this more. When I was younger we were getting stopped multiple times a week by the gardaí. Once I was made pull my pants and underpants down at the side of the road by a male and female garda to avoid being strip searched in the station.

  21. We need to improve our addiction support services.

  22. Giving people criminal convictions for drug possession puts barriers in place for addicts/users to reintegrate into society thus making recovery more difficult

  23. Where are gardaí going to get the money for their gym equipment now :(

  24. Has smoking even really reduced or have people using vapes just made obscured the numbers

  25. Yes it has reduced smoking. Vapes have probably hindered that progress but policy changes are on the way for that

  26. You should look up “spent convictions” in Ireland. In certain circumstances, you don’t need to disclose after 7 years as it is considered spent, as long as it wasn’t issued by the central criminal court.

  27. Pretty sure it doesn't apply if you have more than one conviction. Looked into it a while back

  28. You can only get one conviction spent unless there was multiple in one offence/court case

  29. I have 3 for cannabis so I think I'm never getting rid of them :(

  30. If you buy such a thing it will cost... 364,90 €

  31. I already have a regular framed beehive. And was helping a friend with this strange hive. I've been beekeeping for 5 years and I'm an amateur but i have done a lot of research over the years and never came across anything like it. I can really see why you wouldn't recommend. Especially for a beginner. I tried to tell him that this have was going to be very difficult to deal with but I don't think he believed me.

  32. They are not really meant for making splits, as far as I know. You are expected to let the bees swarm and catch the swarm.

  33. So he's been trying to catch a swarm in it for 3 years and a split from me is his last hope at getting bees in the box. I definitely wouldn't be confident to try a trommelschwarm. I've done the best I can for him but I'm not too confident as to how it'll go

  34. No tolerance for drugs at the Heineken Kinsale Rugby Sevens

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