1. HF have learned the lessons of gme, and now they manipulate more carefully, without evidence. As a fan of conspiracy theories, i think, they do not want to buy the synthetics that they shorted, they decided to go "bankrupt" en masse along with the banks😄 It will be very expensive for them to close shorts, because we do not sell! Go clov!!! 🍀

  2. When insiders are going to start buying is when the shit is going to hit the fan !!!

  3. I miss June 2021… when we used to fight Emily Evans, Tarheel, Coach B, BTFD dude and everyday we wake up, 80% gains every day…. Look at $CLOV price now $0.89 which is even less than what I paid for $CLOV warrants. I should look at FS and maybe post some DD on it

  4. wait until the shorts close because youve seen nothing yet

  5. Please , I do want to see it !!! Good luck tomorrow it does look promising. Cross fingers

  6. Good riddance, self idolization with no experience whatsoever l Coach was a coach! The "Tarheal" dude and idiosyncrasies, a real estate agent from what I recall. Then you fools kept giving $ so that you could hear your names mentioned in a shout out. Much like fans following a rock star. These Diamond handed fools kept touching themselves while you idiots kept the Clovtards, Clovtardish.

  7. Just small buys for me due to economic reasons but 25 more today over 8k now

  8. It’s at big discount if you think last dilution was was much higher than that .

  9. It’s the feel good news of the day…. Like when you hear that a burglar got shot by the homeowner

  10. Plan on buying another 100000 shares with iin next month or so.

  11. I am gonna take these shares to my grave either worthless or in profit.

  12. I love everything you just say. It’s exciting and getting more interesting every day.

  13. He said "when we talk about our own internal planning towards eventually reaching profitability...We seek to achieve profitability on our 3.5 star performance level so for us profitability is not contingent on hitting 4 stars." Not exactly the same thing you just said.

  14. If you’re quoting than you must be right . Thank you for the clarification


  16. Remember sometimes people just want information instead of actually wanting information to help themselves!…. Just my personal opinion!

  17. I know. That’s ok , as long it’s a positive conversation

  18. There we go my paycheck….again !!! Can’t help it . More spaghetti this week .

  19. Nothing changed the last couple of days , but , someone keeps borrowing a lot of shares!!!

  20. Yes I noticed People whining in force today the ones I hate (aka the whiners) just talking shit made me look at the dark pool volume and see if there was any new news and yup there was a reason!… just my personal opinion not financial advice!


  22. Hey Al , what do you think about the multiple potential business model ?

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