1. I was looking at your heart...not my fault your breast got in the way

  2. Love nothing better than fantasizing over your hot body.

  3. Everything of yours is make that loveable...

  4. I'd love to suck on your gorgeous puppies and see you squirt...

  5. Only if I can part those pussy lips and taste your juices first...

  6. I would if I found you leaning on my bench like that.

  7. Looks like you are ready for having a good time as well..Can I give you a lift anywhere!

  8. Sure would be...even better if you let me add a little cream.

  9. Just keep em like that..I'll have a go at all 3...

  10. I'd love too and I could help you wash your back...and your front..

  11. I should be so lucky to live next door to you. You would only have to ask and I'd be over to play..

  12. Yours most definitely looks good enough...for entree's..might have to add some sauce for the main course though..

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