1. The line “this is my last day” broke me. It’s really good and made me really sad

  2. "I've had good days and bad days. I've had my bad days with you. But I've had more good days with you than anyone else. Give me one more good day."

  3. What incredible acting and directing. They deserve a Emmy. What a incredible story. To find love there, then have it so beautifully told in a hour is exceptional. Thank goodness for that letter to give a bit of a laugh. Even if only for a brief moment.

  4. The laugh was even better because I heard it in Offerman's girlish giggle as Ron Swanson.

  5. It unquestionably has the strongest lore of any long running horror movie franchise. There's really just one sorta retcon in the whole thing and it doesn't actually matter overall.

  6. Yes, it helps that the same creative personnel have been in charge of the franchise since the beginning (aside from that standalone remake a couple of years ago). That means a lot.

  7. Well, these are definitely unpopular and frequently stupid opinions. Especially the first one. In no way is "Orca" better than "Jaws." None. "Orca" works best as a guilty pleasure, because it is a completely ridiculous film.

  8. Wait, they fucking remade Poltergeist? Is it so bad that I just never even knew about it?

  9. It's one of the most pointless remakes ever. It was as forgettable as it gets.

  10. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine with David Blough and Trace McSorley ready to step it up...oh...oh no...

  11. Even more amazing, what happens if Purdy got hurt and ultimate journeyman Josh Johnson is the one who gets them to the SB?

  12. You look at his Wikipedia page, the list of teams is about as long as your arm.

  13. He better not ditch us after one year like that asshat Favre did

  14. You wanted Favre back after the collapse that year?

  15. As a bears fan I love the off-season game of “will Rodgers retire?” or “will Rodgers leave the packers?” and every year he’s back in green and yellow. I’ll believe it when I see it

  16. This seems to be the norm for the Packers. It's really comical how much Rodgers has followed in Farve's footsteps, especially in being a complete piece of shit human being.

  17. "Griffin...ran all the way to Hell...with a penny and a broken cigarette."

  18. Good to know. Still don't like that they changed the name.

  19. Yep. It’s just hard for some people to accept that… teenagers aren’t perfect? Or that the story isn’t going the direction you prefer? Or even if you accept that, maybe just try not to be so bitter about it?

  20. I'd say Mike and El's relationship has been pretty functional for a pair of young teenagers who have no idea what they're doing. Really, it's telling that Mike, the awkward nerd who has difficulty expressing his feelings, is the experienced half of the relationship.

  21. He was a big loss. Loved him in pretty much everything he was in.

  22. Among his many accomplishments, Paxton achieved the hat trick of being killed by the Terminator, the Alien and the Predator.

  23. Yes, another great 80s example. And to think he wasn't even originally intended for the movie; his character was created as a replacement for Dutch after Arnold passed on returning.

  24. The fact that Zelda was played by a guy in drag just made her all the more surreally terrifying.

  25. You think this was bad, it could have been a lot worse. Chris Columbus's original script had the mother getting decapitated, not the gremlin.

  26. The original script was very dark, in no small part because Columbus never expected it to be made into a movie; he just wrote it to show to studios he could do a professional screenplay and thus worthy of other assignments. But Steven Spielberg got ahold of it, loved it and the rest is history (yes, this is yet another project that Spielberg saw the potential in that no one else did; it's remarkable how prescient he's been in that regard).

  27. The episode was great overall, but unlike with the airborne spore 'mechanic' of spread in the game, I'm not sure they really made it clear how it spread so frightfully fast in the show? Why are some people getting infected and not others? I think the best they could say was something to do with just being in the city, what capacity? Water? Food? Just about anything non-airborne just doesn't seem like it'd spread to the extent it does in the show, though.

  28. I was a little worried about both of them but yes they are perfect. The moment Bella Ramsay yelled "What the FU-" and got cut off I was like, "Holy shit that IS Ellie!"

  29. ""

  30. The painting scene was essentially him letting Mike go in that regards and accepting his feelings will be requited, which is why he breaks down over it. It certainly isn't easy for him and it's still an ongoing issue, but if that didn't do it, the L-word monologue pretty much sealed it for him.

  31. Funny how different people can perceive a scene. For me Will showing the painting to Mike and making up it came from Eleven was more of a he will comfort someone else again above his own happiness (again).

  32. It is that too, but he's clearly letting Mike go in that regards as well, which is why he breaks down crying over it. He's going, "He loves El and that's never going to change. He'll never think of me that way." Which he's know deep down all along, but it still hurts to admit.

  33. Sorry, that doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.

  34. Don't even need to click to know that that's from Jason Spends 15 Minutes In Manhattan

  35. Jason Takes a Boat Ride and Winds Up in Vancouver...Sorry, Manhattan.

  36. They do use guns, they just wait till the end after the reveal. Like the first 3 all do. I can’t remember about 4 and 5 though. But yeah, can’t think of another one while masked up.

  37. Yes, Stu and Billy have a gun between them in "1", Mickey and Mrs. Loomis have one in "2" and Roman has one in "3". And said gun is used to bring down one or both Ghostfaces in the climax of each film. But right, it's only after they're all unmasked.

  38. All four of the Indiana Jones films have elements of horror in them (the climax of "Raiders" with the Ark laying waste to the Nazis and literally melting people's faces traumatized a ton of us when we first saw it), but none are horror films per se.

  39. The author also wrote A Simple Plan, which is great, and falls into the "not a horror but absolutely horrific" category.

  40. Yeah, Scott B. Smith is of the Thomas Harris school of literary output.

  41. The book is great. The vines are much more intelligent and malicious in the book, the movie doesn't give them as much awareness which I actually prefer.

  42. The scene where the old lady starts to "turn", in the background and out of focus, was one of the creepiest things I've seen in a long time. I hope that horror element keeps delivering throughout the season.

  43. There was also that scene with Sarah earlier on in class seeing one of her classmate's hands twitching (and the light catching on his watch dancing over her hand, which leads her to notice it). Lot of great little bits like that foreshadowing what was all of a sudden going to explode and engulf the world.

  44. That's just baffling, because some religious folks will hate the show just because of the Beth character and thinking it reflects on all of them (which says a lot about them and not the show).

  45. Well, this may be one of the worst takes I've ever seen on the show. And this after the folks whining because they thought it had too many monologues.

  46. A movie that knows exactly what it is (a goofy throwback to 50s/60s big bug flicks) and embraces it. It's not enough that the spiders look deliberately cartoonish, but they also act like live-action Looney Toons, complete with crashing into walls a la Wil E. Coyote.

  47. Roger Ebert gave it 3 1/2 stars for exactly that reason.

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