1. I know what you mean, can totally relate. I’m going to share my story and if you don’t care for it, skip to the paragraph after!

  2. Thank you and I’m glad this was helpful

  3. Mindfulness and meditation have been invaluable to honing my intuition. You don’t need to meditate for too long if you do it. Even 5 or 10 minutes can be enough especially in the beginning. Both are a practice and results will show steadily over time.

  4. Have you looked into codependent anonymous ? I personally haven’t been to a meeting but I plan on going to one soon. I think it’s worth trying out anyways!

  5. Did she ask for helpt or did she just say 'Can you babysit them?'

  6. This time it went like “any chance you would be willing to watch…?”

  7. A method I haven’t seen here yet is role-play!

  8. So glad to hear your dad is safe and sound. Thank you for sharing. 💕

  9. I'm so shocked that ya'll like UDF's shakes! The consistency makes me physically ill due to how runny it is. I love milkshakes tho, they just gotta be so thick that they struggle to come up a fast straw.

  10. This is not something I’d choose on my own but I love it and I wanna wear it!

  11. As someone who prefers to stick to a nude pink color, I NEED THIS

  12. More fats may be the answer. I struggled with this a week ago but after trying again and adding in avocado and greek yogurt, I felt fuller.

  13. God, I hate seeing all these abortion billboards (in general). They’re all over town.

  14. The only thing I can think of is the speed you’re going at. When I first start sewing, I can pace myself but then as time goes I just want to go as fast as I possibly can handle while keep things good.

  15. I take ASL classes and they mention this a lot. I never understood why

  16. The deaf community doesn’t like it because it implies that we are broken and/or handicapped. Like it’s something to be afraid of. We prefer to be straightforward about our disability. Just say we’re deaf.

  17. I think why my brother prefers visually impaired is because he’s not completely blind so he feels that’s not a perfect descriptor for him.

  18. Deafness and blindness is a spectrum. Saying deaf does not mean one is fully deaf, just that it is significant enough to have it interfere with daily life.

  19. I know you didn’t say anything about a haircut but what about a mullet? 👀

  20. You should look into Mezeh. I only saw it in MD, though.

  21. I would say yes. 🧐 just gonna have to figure out some products and a routine that will let you control them.

  22. Sweet kitty needs a napkin 🥲🥹

  23. Delicate. They hate baths so we gotta be gentle.

  24. I used to be in the ice cold water gang but now room temperature is where it’s at

  25. It’s no problem! I ended up taking my nails off and letting them be natural for 3 days or so. The green will remain until your nails grow out and you cut them off but at least the bacteria will be destroyed.

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